How To Know If You’re Ready For A Dog

With summer fast approaching, ideas of summer love pop into the mind; you know, long walks on the beach, cuddle sessions, binge watching Netflix together and occasionally stealing kisses! Don’t have a beau? No worries, all of these activities can easily be done with a pup. But owning a dog is not a walk in the park—get it? You have to think past the summer and plan for the long-term.

It’s not all fun and games either. Dogs must be trained, cared and loved for, kept healthy with regular vet check-ups, groomed and fed properly according to their needs. Just because you want a dog, does not mean you’re ready for one. There are many things you may not have even thought about.

For example, do you have a fenced in backyard? If not, are you ready to take the dog out more frequently? Are you and your family financially stable enough for another family member? For example, will pet insurance be too expensive (think of rare breeds)? Fortunately, there are affordable options like Bivvy when it comes to insurance. Every family has its own needs, schedule, personality, medical issues and space limitations. If you want a dog then it’s a must to prepare for it.

Do your research:

This is a must. Start off by researching the kind of dog you want, not solely based on cuteness level but also how much time goes into each breed. For example, Jack Russell Terriers have a ton of energy for such a tiny body. If you are adopting a puppy with high energy levels, arranging care while you’re at work or school is very important. Leaving a dog for 7 hours straight is not fair and is sometimes considered abuse. You should also do your research on where you’re getting your puppy from. Adoption is always the best option, but if you’re going to purchase your dog from a breeder, make sure it’s not a puppy mill. More information about the problems with puppy mills can be found here.

To find adoptable shelter animals of all breeds and ages in your area, click here.
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To prevent coming home to a chewed couch and soiled rug, you need to get Fido trained ASAP! You can choose to have your dog trained professionally or do it yourself. Going beyond basic manners, tricks are fun to show off to some friends and your dog will feel good when she has worked for the reward. You can also read this article which guides you further on how to provide adequate brain training for your dogs.

Dogs have unconditional love for their owners and will never judge them either-they are truly a man’s best friend! We now leave with you a bunch of adorable puppy pics; aww!

Benji Boo

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