Krewella Releases New Album ‘Get Wet’

After headlining festivals around the world (everything from Ultra Music Festival, to Electric Daisy Carnival, to Stereosonic and more) Krewella is hitting it big in the music industry.


Their song “Alive” has been on the radio time after time and most of us have danced to their club staple “Killing it.” If this doesn’t sound familiar, now is the perfect opportunity to get on board the Krewella train with the release of their new album, Get Wet.

The three members (Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf, and Kris “Rain Man” Trindl) formed Krewella, a songwriting and vocalist group, in 2007 and continue to create their own blend of electronic dance music. The trio has proven themselves after reaching #8 on Billboards top 200-album chart, and beginning their GET WET LIVE tour.

Faze caught a quick interview with Krewella to get the details of their new album.

What should fans expect when they press play?
The album is a compilation of our feelings over the past almost two years. We’ve met the most amazing fans that have relayed their stories of how music has helped them heal, love, hurt and live through their best and worst. Our experiences on the road and in the studio inspired everything from our most raging song to our most sensual song. There is a song for every emotion on Get Wet.

Did you have any specific sources of inspiration for the tracks?
We pulled from our oldest inspirations for this album. Music we grew up on, music of our awkward adolescence era and music that first inspired our love for the electronic world.


How would you explain your music to those who haven’t heard of you before?
It is experimental in regards to the mixture of electronic, pop and rock that we infuse into each track, yet we are driven by catchy song-writing. Every song we make is made to touch a part of your soul, relate to a feeling everyone experiences, and make you move. We strive to capture rage, sweat and euphoria in our tunes.

What can fans expect to see at some of the upcoming tour dates?
We give our crowds nothing but energy and our whole hearts on the stage. We’re bringing the Volcano on our North American portion of the Get Wet tour so fans should expect to see some insane visuals on top of the live singing.

How did you come up with your band name?
Jahan came up with it while writing lyrics. She always says it clicked in her brain and she never doubted it.

Any advice for aspiring musicians?

Make sure you are 100% devoted to making music and then run with it. Prepare yourself for the insane work load, the criticism and the pain and dedication it takes to make it anywhere in the music scene, because more so than any person hating on you, your own will can tear you down worse than anything.


Interview and article by Faze’s Sierra Traikos

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