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Disneynature Movie “African Cats” Is Incredible

“See African Cats, Save the Savanna.”

African cats

Narrated by film great Samuel L. Jackson, African Cats is the next movie in the Disneynature series. It follows two African big cat families, with cheetah mother Sita and lion mother Layla, as they take their cute and cuddly cubs from infancy into hunting adulthood. Adventures abound, both fun and dangerous, in their Kenyan backyard, as both cat families encounter elephants, crocodiles, hippos and more.

African cats

Here’s the run down on Africa Cats:

Action: Definitely. You’ll be rooting for these cats the whole way through as they face all the trials of growing up in Africa. If you like your Disney flicks, this is like the real life version of The Lion King!

Aww moments: Oh yeah. Who doesn’t love baby animals?

Awe moments: A ton! It’s incredible how close they get to the cats and other animals. The savanna makes a picturesque backdrop for the stories that take place across it’s landscape.

Good cause: A portion of proceeds from the film will go to preserve land for these beautiful animals across Kenya.

Here’s the Africa Cats trailer:

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