A League Of Legends Guide To Nasus

League of Legends hero nasus

Nasus is a champion who keeps framing up until he achieves a certain amount of stacks. The best thing about him is that he can move from 0 to 100 quickly. Nasus is among the most entertaining and powerful heroes in League of Legends. He is a late bloomer and can make the game exciting if used correctly. Once he has a few stacks, he is unstoppable and can even fight two champions at once and survive. Here is a League of Legends guide to Nasus.

1. When to Play Nasus

Gaming experts recommend bringing Nasus to ranked since he is powerful and beginners can quickly get the hang of it. You will be putting yourself at an advantage if you use Nasus, especially since he has been tested and modified over time in every way. Besides winning, Nasus is an excellent champion if you want to have fun. Once this champion peaks, he systematically destroys everyone around him, and you can also see enemy champions trying to run away from him. You can also use Nasus to trot down the mid-lane without worrying about anything while you get a Penta. You can also learn the ropes with Nasus since his mechanics are simple.

2. Items that Nasus Needs

The primary things that Nasus needs include trinity force, spirit visage, and righteous glory. These items will give you movement speed, attack speed, health, and mana. The ability of righteous glory will help you catch up to enemies and kill them faster. If you want to boost, use either Ninja Tabi or Mercury’s Treads. Look at the enemy and decide whether they have more AP or AD, and build against that. With your core items in place, you can now get ready for when you fall off the edge. Although Nasus is excellent once he peaks, his greatness will not last forever or even long enough. If you do not finish the game on time, he will turn back into a lap dog. You can also go all out for damage; ensure that you complete the game early enough.

3. How to Play Nasus

All you have to do is farm. Hit as many creeps as possible and get the stacks rolling in by using your Siphoning Strike. At this stage, do not worry about getting kills, asking for ganks, or roaming to mid-lane. These worries are for top laners. The only thing you have to worry about is stacking up since it is the most significant source of power at your disposal. Once you are in the mid-game, you can join your team and start taking objectives. Ensure you participate in team fights and pushes since your teammates depend on your power. Always respond to their request for help. If you realize that they are running around without any clear goal, take the initiative and start pushing one of the sides. Go alone, have your teleport ready and focus on stacking instead of taking turrets.

League of Legends hero nasus

4. Abilities

Nasus’ abilities revolve around Siphoning Strikes. The melee ability deals a lot of damage once Nasus gains enough stacks. You may see it as a slow attack, but the damage values will make attack speed irrelevant later in the game. Nasus also has the wither ability, which gives him time to attack with deadly Siphoning blows. The soul eater’s ability allows you to steal health from enemies. At higher levels, Nasus can steal 24% of enemy champion health. This ability makes Nasus even more powerful in the late stage of the game. Nasus can also use his Spirit Fire ability to burn enemies with magic energy for five seconds. Nasus also has the Fury Of The Sands ability, which provides several buffs when activated. Each benefit lasts for 15 seconds, and they include;

  •         300-600 bonus health
  •         40-70 added resistance
  •         2-5% magic damage
  •         50% reduction in Siphoning Strike’s cooldown

When you activate the Fury of the Sands’s cooled-down ability, Nasus can siphon enemy health while attacking two times faster. This allows you to quickly kill three opponents within the fifteen seconds the ability is active.

5. Weaknesses

Nasus is weak in the early game. As such, you must play safe and avoid trading until he has a few levels under his belt. He has a lot of poor matchups and will struggle to lane against most enemy champions in the current meta. Nasus relies on the late game to win. If the game ends around or before the 30-minute mark, Nasus’ late-game carry potential is lessened.

League of Legends hero nasus

Nasus is a powerful champion, and he can scale his damage infinitely. The great Nasus build can enable him to outlast most enemies while dealing massive damage in the mid to late game.

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