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“Life With Boys” Returns With New Episodes And Special Guest Stars (Like Victoria Duffield )

Can you imagine what it’s like being the only girl in a house full of boys?

Life With Boys

With a relatable plot, an abundance of jokes and a talented cast, it’s no surprise that Life with Boys is one of YTV’s top-rated shows. The Canadian teen sitcom, created by Michael Poryes (who also co-created Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven), follows the life of Tess Foster (Torri Webster) who, with the help of her best friend Allie Brookes (Madison Pettis), goes through the ups and downs of living with her father Jack (Sandy Jobin-Bevans) and three brothers Gabe (Nathan McLeod), Spencer (Jake Goodman) and Sam (Michael Murphy).

Faze was invited on the set of Life with Boys to check out what goes on behind the scenes during a day of filming. The entire set—everything from the characters’ bedrooms to the school cafeteria to the signature family living room—is located inside the Toronto studio.

While the crew works hard to ensure filming goes smoothly, the actors themselves also have a hard job on their hands. All under the age of 18, the young actors spend their day hurrying back and forth from wardrobe to tutoring to lunch to back on the set. One episode, which they film in the span of two days, is usually 42 pages long. That’s an average of 21 pages of memorizing to do for one day! It may be a demanding job, but it’s one that they all love.

Life With Boys

On this particular day of shooting, talented stars Torri Webster and Madison Pettis took the time to talk to Faze about the episode.

“Allie ends up with appendicitis and has to go into surgery, so she spends a lot of time in this episode in the hospital. Tess has to debate whether she’ll go and perform in the concert or stays with her best friend and support her for the surgery,” says Madison.

The cast was also joined on set by singer Victoria Duffield who played herself in the show, trying to get Tess and her older brother Gabe open for her in concert.

“It’s cool playing the role of myself. It’s so crazy seeing my name in the script and hearing people say my name over and over again,” says Victoria. “It’s pretty cool.”

Torri adds how enjoyable it is to have Victoria and other guest stars on set and how it brings something new to the show. “We’re very close as cast, so when we have new actors come in, they bring new things to the table, like new jokes and energy. So it’s always nice for us to work with new people and bring another fun character to the show,” she says.

The new season promises even more laughs, with the addition of some sentimental scenes and relationship building.

 Life With Boys
Faze’s Naomi Leanage with the cast of Life With Boys

You can catch Life with Boys on YTV weeknights at 7:30pm and in the U.S. on TeenNick.

All behind the scenes photos by Christos Kalohoridis

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    Hey me again just wondering who is the director cause whoever u are u r pretty smart

  2. Xavia Oloman

    Hi I was just wondering why there are no more new episodes? Beacause there are no more it makes me sad. Life with boys is my fav show and I am getting bored of the old ones. OMG hey Maddison Pettis your so pretty. Torri Webster your so cool. Nathan Mcleod, your hair is pretty cool. Sandy Jobin-bevans your a awesome actor. Jake Goodman your really funny. And Micheal Murphy your very smart but I am not sure if you are really like that!
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