Lime Crime Acquired By Company That Sees True Value In Beauty

Lime Crime

Vision is important when it comes to business ventures. Really great companies are often the work of a single visionary with the determination to bring an ideal to life. Many companies begin simply with a few ideas that the founder believes in with great passion. When a single person can translate their passion into reality and find others who share that desire, the result is typically a chance at huge success. Such is the case with Lime Crime. Like many other companies, it is about bringing a vision to life. The world of beauty is the hallmark of this company and it shows in everything they bring to their happy market of many fans across the globe. The company illustrates that success can come to life with certain qualities. People who are willing to work hard, choose a new way of seeing the world and provide value for the money are those who can help any company grow.

Bringing Beauty to Life

Many women today are conscious of their own beauty routine. They look for ways to help themselves feel more beautiful. One way to do so is by using proven beauty products. This is why so Lime Crime has made so many fans over the years. The company has a vision that sees true value in beauty. Staffers here share the viewpoint of their clients. They are also on a journey to find beauty in life and find it the makeup they use. The products they offer to their client base are about showing that it is possible to find beauty in unexpected places. It’s also about showing that everyone can share in the possibility of beauty in their own lives. When people buy their products, they’re not just purchasing items. They’re also participating in a much larger process that seeks to find beauty and marvel in its power.

Help From Financing

While having a vision and being able to work hard are increasingly important, all companies need to take another step. That step is to find working capital. Working capital is crucial for companies like Lime Crime. The use of working capital allows staffers to continue their process of experimentation and exploration. Working capital means that staffers here are free to spend time exploring their own personal inner creative soul. It also means that they can reach out to clients and see what motivates them. This is one of many reasons why those at Tengram Capital Partners have decided it makes financial sense for them to acquire a majority share in the company. They see true value in the company’s overriding vision of the world of beauty. As a unique brand personality, Tengram Capital sees tremendous potential for amazing growth right here.

Value For Customers

Value for customers means that every one of their clients knows they can turn to the company to find something they like. The company’s staffers are always on the lookout for ways to continue offer products that meet a client’s needs. Fans know they can head to the company’s site and discover new ideas about how to greet the world. They can not only anticipate trends but also help find ways to set them. This is in part why they have seen such an infusion of capital from Tengram. The capital provider sees value here just like their many clients. They believe that the company can continue to move forward with a vision in mind at all times. With this latest capital move, it offers a partnership that is mutually beneficial. The company benefits and so the company’s clients and those at Tengram.

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