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How To Live A Life That’s A Bit More Old School

After recently seeing the awesome Captain Marvel, it got us thinking that life was a bit simpler back in the days (well, not so simple for Carol Danvers). Taking place in the 90s, the movie is at a time when we just don’t have a lot of the things that exist today and, quite frankly, this was definitely a plus. In the year 2019, we certainly have a lot of advantages, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live a life without an old school mentality. Here’s what we mean:

Switch off that phone

Every now and then, try to pretend you don’t have a phone with access to so many distractions. If you’re out with your friends at a bar, then enjoy the moment without taking photos and Instagramming everything. If you’re watching a movie with your SO, then just like you would at the cinema, switch off the phone. Get into the habit of leaving your phone in other rooms and you’ll feel less of a need to keep checking it. We understand that living a tech-free life is pretty much impossible at this point, but we need to lessen our dependence on technology to have a good time.

worried woman on phone

Embrace your natural hair

Look through any celebrity gossip magazine, and you’ll find that nearly everyone is obsessed with whatever the latest hair dye trend might be. Rainbow hair, unicorn hair, lilac hair… it all gets a bit much. What’s so wrong with your natural hair color? You’ll save time and money by simply embracing your real hair color, be it redhead, blonde, brunette, black, or anything in between. Don’t be a slave to today’s trends and feel like natural hair is boring. How you style your own hair is important, but the fact that it isn’t bright green or blue doesn’t mean it’s bland.

Natural Hair - Travel Style

Use a film camera

This is similar to the above point, but instead of taking 50 photos of a sunset with your phone, use a film camera and take one photo. You’ve captured the moment, now move on. This is a great idea for holidays, as you’ll care far less about “the perfect angle” and simply enjoy that you have a memento of the experience. Plus, if you have a film camera and are using 32mm film, you’ll often just get to take 36 photos. This is great, because only the most important images make the cut. At the end of the holiday, you’ll get to enjoy the memories all over again when you print the photos.

cameras on the beach

Buy vinyl

Buying vinyl nowadays may well feel like you’re either a hipster or someone from the 70s, but there is logic to it all. Spotify does make listening to music so easy, but there’s something wonderful and magical about sliding an album from its case, placing it gently on your record, and then listening to the warm, earthy analog tones coming from the speakers. It’s hard to beat the sound quality that comes with vinyl, but actually listening to one album from start to finish is something not to be ignored, either. For your favourite bands and artists, support them and enjoy an unrivalled listening experience by buying vinyl. Oh, and use Milktape to make a mixtape while you’re at it!

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