A Look At Celebrity Gambling Addiction: The Winners And The Losers

Celebrity Gambling Addiction

Gambling appeals to some ancient circuitry in the human brain, and in some form or another is a favourite pastime (or addiction) for many people all over the world, and celebrities are no exception. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest stars who lost big, or won gambling.

Celebrity gamblers (big losers)

  1. Famous movie star Ben Affleck was reported to have lost around $400,000 to the president of Universal Studios Ron Meyer in a secret game.
  2. American basketball legend Michael Jordan lost $1 million at a stake in a single golf game, betting $250,000 per putt. Such an amount is unlikely to faze the former Chicago Bulls player who has an estimated net worth of about $1.7 billion as of 2019.
  3. Canadian-American actress and model Pamela Anderson lost $250,000 in a single night in Las Vegas.
  4. American Basketball player and one-time NBA Most Valuable Player Allen Iverson spent all the money ($200 million) earned during his professional career on gambling. The 11-time NBA All-Star player has been banned from casinos in both Detroit and Atlantic City due to his gambling problems.
  5. American actress and former fashion model Shannon Elizabeth, has cashed four times in a World Series of Poker, $11,000 at a game.
  6. Once the highest-paid American TV stars on a network primetime show grossing about $1.8 million per episode, Charlie Sheen reportedly lost $2.5 million in three months.
  7. American professional golfer and one of the most popular athletes of the century, Tiger Woods, gambled away a total of $58.5 million within seven years.

Lucky celebrity gamblers (and the winner is…)

  1. American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor 50 Cent reportedly won $1 million with a bet on the Mayweather – de la Hoya boxing match in 2007.
  2. American-Canadian actress and poker player Jennifer Tilly is the only person to have won a World Series of Poker bracelet exceeding $750,000 in winnings.
  3. American professional poker player and nightclub owner/promoter Jean Robert Bellande has amassed more than $1.1 million in poker.
  4. American professional golfer Phil Mickelson is said to have bet $20,000 on the Super Bowl in 2000 and walked away with $560,000.
  5. American actor, producer, and director Don Johnson won close to $6 million playing Blackjack in one night in Atlantic City.

To learn more about celebrities who had their careers ruined as a result of their gambling addictions as well as other intriguing facts, check out this infographic below.

Celebrities and Gambling Infographic

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