4 Inspiring Ideas For A Lord Of The Rings Themed Wedding

The epic high fantasy series, The Lord of the Rings, has inspired people far and wide, from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels (1954) to Peter Jackson’s box office hit movie adaptations (2001). Jackson succeeded in bringing to life a beautiful world full of amazing visuals and costumes that wow fans to this day. This is perhaps why so many people organize The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) themed events – not only because they love the story, but because the visual world is just as amazing.

Here are ten inspiring ideas to help you organize your LOTR themed wedding.

1. The Iconic Jewellery

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of the LOTR series is the jewellery – makes sense since ‘rings’ is literally in the title! Click here to see what fine, quality jewellery looks like, because you’re going to want to get yourself a jeweller who can do this series justice. Custom jewellery is really popular now and you won’t have a hard time finding someone to make custom engagement and wedding jewellery for you.

lord of the rings

You and your partner can get ‘The One Ring’ matching wedding bands; or if you’re looking for an engagement ring consider something inspired by Galadriel’s beautiful floral ring. When it comes to necklaces, Arwen’s iconic pendant ‘Evenstar’ is popular, which isn’t surprising because of how beautiful it is. You really have to give props to those responsible for designing all of these gorgeous pieces.

2. An Elven Wedding Dress

From Rivendell to Lothlórien, the Elves that live there don amazingly detailed gowns and robes that could be used to inspire any wedding dress. Most recognizable are the dresses worn by Arwen and Galadriel that are made with light, flowing fabrics. Galadriel’s white ensemble with a silver, intricate crown is the most wedding-like, but you don’t need to have her exact look to pull off an Elven style. There are a number of designers who specialize in fantasy-style and elven-style wedding dresses, and who can create a custom look just for you.

lord of the rings wedding

3. Inspired by Nature

Nature is heavily present in The Lord of the Rings, especially when it comes to the Elven world – from the clothing, jewellery, architecture, to where they live, all of it is inspired by the natural world. Nature-infused iconography is found throughout the LOTR universe – even Gondor’s insignia is that of a white tree.

So when considering what kind of colours, flowers, and accent pieces to use at your wedding, you can’t go wrong with sticking to a nature-inspired look. Use white for your tablecloths and drapes, and accent with green foliage and some subtle wildflowers. You can even exchange vows outside under a wedding arch decorated with branches, vines, and flowers.

4. Food Fit for a Hobbit

Everyone knows those Hobbits have an insatiable appetite, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are lists online that detail a typical Hobbit’s meal. You could create a delicious and unique wedding menu comprised of cottage pie, pepper-crusted steak with potatoes, lavender and lemon muffins, and mixed berry cobbler. Delicious!

Hopefully some of these ideas have given you food for thought and that you’ve found inspiration for your Lord of the Rings themed wedding.

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