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Love And Advice With Actress Kim Hidalgo

Kim Hidalgo

Ball Don’t Lie is Kim Hidalgo’s first feature film, where she plays Anh-Thu, liberator and girlfriend of the main character, Sticky. Her character is an open and positive individual who accepts people for who they are and doesn’t try to change them, which Kim thinks is good advice for anyone.

“Love yourself and love people for their true beings,” Kim says.

What’s her advice on how to break into the acting business?

“First, start taking classes and work really hard. When you feel confident and ready, you can go get headshots and then you can start going to agent showcases where they might want to represent you. Once you have an agent, you can start going out on auditions,” explains Kim.

She claims the most important thing is confidence and this only comes from practice (but everyone still gets nervous—even she does!). Keep an eye out for Kim’s new movie To Save a Life, coming out this fall!

Kim Hidalgo

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