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Lower Your Company Bills With These Office Upgrades

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Want to spend less on your office utility bills? Investing in a few of the following office upgrades could allow you to save money in the long run. Below are just a few office improvements that could lower your company bills.

LED motion-sensing lighting

Lighting can make up a big part of an office’s energy usage. Consider what type of lighting you’re using within your office. If you’re still using traditional incandescent bulbs, it could be time to upgrade to LEDs. Incandescent bulbs are generally cheaper to buy than LEDs, however they use much more energy and don’t last nearly as long making them more expensive in the long run. All in all, LEDs are a better investment. On top of upgrading the bulbs, consider whether motion-sensing lighting is a good option. Such lighting can automatically turn off when no-one is in a room, preventing lights from being left on. It can also be used as effective security lighting outdoors. 

Automatic taps

Want to reduce your water bills? Employees or visitors who make the habit of leaving taps running could be the reason for your high water bills. Automatic taps are activated by sensors, which means that you have to keep your hands underneath them. Such taps can also be programmed to only release a certain amount of water before automatically closing the valve. You can find such taps at sellers such as Faucets Canada. These could be placed in bathrooms and even in the kitchen. 

Energy-efficient machines

You should also consider how energy-efficient the machinery is in your office. Older machines are likely to consume more energy – consider whether you can benefit from upgrading your machinery. Energy-guzzling machines to look out for in your office include old dishwashers, old kettles or old printers. Upgrading to newer machinery could make a big difference. 

Lg quadwash dishwasher

Greywater recycling

Greywater is a name for waste water from sinks and showers. Using a recycling system, it may be possible to reuse your sink waste water for processes such as toilet flushing (which can use up a lot of water). Greywater recycling systems can sometimes be expensive to implement so make sure that the return on investment is worthwhile. A larger office is more likely to see the benefit. You can find out more about greywater recycling systems here at The Greenage

Solar panels

Installing solar panels on the exterior of your office could allow you to generate your own energy from the sun. This could reduce the need for relying on mains energy, helping to seriously cut your energy bills. With enough solar panels, you may even be able to power up your entire office without needing to use mains electricity – effectively enabling you to never have to pay an energy bill again. Of course, solar panels are not cheap to install and you should do the math first to make sure that it is worth it. As with greywater recycling, larger offices are more likely to see the benefit of solar panels sooner.


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