Coveted And Luxurious Closets – More Than Just Storage Space

One of the most important things when planning and designing a home is storage space – especially for lovers of fashion and accessories. In today’s world, where one can purchase almost anything from the comfort of their own home via phone or computer, we are practically shopping non-stop for what our hearts desire!

On the other hand, we accumulate so much that eventually most of us will run out of space and just start piling things one on top of the other. “A cluttered bedroom can be a nightmare on so many levels,” said interior designer Annette Frommer. And she is right – it is very not Feng Shui. Furthermore, what we cannot see, we usually will not wear…

So, we need to plan and design closets for our clothes that are functional and beautiful as well. It only makes sense that the place we store our fabulous fashion should be just as perfect, elegant, and even stylish! The main choices prevalent today are either a walk-in closet or a built-in closet. Either way, for an absolutely stunning result, a generous budget needs to be available.


Photo: Elad Gonen

The space here is not that large, therefore Annette Frommer used mirrors that are extremely functional when you want to look at yourself from all angles, and also when you want to create the sense of a large and grand space.

According to Frommer, “the classic white finish is both traditional and modern. The golden brass inlays provide a polished and sophisticated look that complements the brass door handles. Overall, the delicate details enhance the space.”

The closet centers around an elegant storage island, topped with a glass countertop, which Frommer notes “is ideal for laying out options to choose from. The drawers obviously serve as storage for lingerie, shirts, sweaters, and more.” Frommer also points out the lighting (spotlights and chandelier), which are “crucial in any closet.”

Built-in closet

Photo: Gilad Radat

As you can see in the picture, the hallway in this case leads to the master bedroom. Because of limited space options, Frommer decided to go for a built-in closet, utilizing  the available space smartly. The result, as she says “is a hallway with a purpose!”.

There are many advantages to a built-in closet. Generally, they are less expensive than a walk-in closet and are not complicated to install. In a built-in closet, it is much easier to see what you have stored, as it is in plain sight most of the time.

Photo: Gilad Radat

For interest and chic, Annette Frommer decided to go with a bespoke Italian crafted closet. The bold mirrored doors and their intricate design provide a touch of classic European style. The look is impressive, as the closet spans the entire length of the corridor on both sides. Note the dresser-like piece within the closet – a remarkable sight!

To sum it up, there are advantages and drawbacks to both types of closets. There is no limit to the size that a walk-in closet can be. An added bonus to a walk-in closet is that it can also be used as a dressing room, and that it also offers space for jewelry and shoes. Clearly, if you have the space and the budget, and if you are passionate about your clothes, the sky’s the limit! A proper walk-in closet is sheer luxury.

A worthy alternative to a walk-in closet is a built-in closet, especially if space is an issue. Yet, a built-in closet can be just as grand. It takes up much less space, is easier to upkeep and is just as efficient and beautiful.

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