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Luxury Real Estate In Barcelona: The Best Districts For Your Catalonian Casa

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second city after Madrid in terms of population. Barcelona includes 10 districts that are located within the city. One can be interested in apartments for sale in Madrid, but there are especially luxurious ones among these districts:

  • Gracia
  • Les Corts
  • Sarrià Sant Gervasi
  • Eixample

 It is in these four districts that the maximum amount of expensive real property is located. Moreover, some of the quarters that are part of these districts should be highlighted. It is possible to make up the top 5 most expensive places in terms of cost per square meter in Barcelona:

  • Diagonal Mar – 6951 €
  • Sarria – 6159 €
  • Les Tres Torres – 5649 €
  • Pedralbes – 5290 €
  • Sant Gervasi-La Bonanova – 5003 €

It is worth noting that each of these quarters is not only expensive, but truly unique as well in terms of architecture, history and other features. The contingent of this district is correct: this territory is chosen for living by well-to-do families, wealthy solo residents and wealthy investors.

If we evaluate not by “square meters”, but by the final cost of the property, then the market presents us with the following results:

  • Pedralbes – 890,000 €
  • Les Tres Torres 805 700 €
  • Sarria 690,000 €
  • Diagonal Mar 672 500 €
  • Sant Gervasi-La Bonanova 612 300 €

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Pedralbes is the best of the best

As can be noted, Pedralbes has the highest housing prices. There is no wonder, because this particular quarter bears the title of the best place to live in Barcelona. Many celebrities, entrepreneurs, stars, wealthy people choose Pedralbes. And this despite the fact that it is located at some distance from the coast! However, it is not not by the sea alone that Barcelona attracts investors from all over the world.

Firstly, it is worth giving proper respect to the quality and scale of development. The luxurious villas here are like works of art. Here you will have your own swimming pool on the territory, and a beautiful garden, and a playground for children, and gyms, a jacuzzi and much more. In addition to this, you can’t help but appreciate the calm atmosphere prevailing in the district. Pedralbes also offers sports recreation: there is a tennis court with a club and a club for fans of polo on its territory.

Assistance in the selection of housing in Spain

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