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Make A Difference Everyday With The Shoes You Wear

We all love shoes – pumps, moccasins, combat boots and runners – but what do your shoes say about you? Make A Difference Everyday (M4D3) is a social enterprise that creates product with a purpose, products like shoes. Their mission is clear, “to create positive change through our products” shares Lisa Zbitnew, a M4D3 spokesperson. “We give consumers the opportunity to support a cause that they are most passionate about. And that is a very special connection for consumers.”

You might be thinking that the concept of promoting change through products isn’t new, but M4D3 is different. “Each shoe is customized for each cause. We partner with impactful personalities, artists, and aid organizations to create a product that is a fit for their audience, their supporters and themselves” Lisa says.

MADE Lindsay Lace up sneaker_topMADE Shanna Lace up sneaker_side

The first M4D3 collection is an exclusive partnership with the non-governmental organization, Plan International USA, and has launched a new collection of stylish footwear. “We were attracted to their Because I am A Girl Initiative, their effective messaging about empowering women and girls” Lisa explains. “We knew that they would be a fantastic partner, and we knew that shoes and girls was a natural fit!”

MADE Tessie Slip on sneaker_topMADE Meg Slip on sneaker_heel

You can purchase the M4D3 Because I Am A Girl products online at m4d3shoes to help support the charity’s initiatives. The Plan Because I am a Girl shoe collection is the first in a series of M4D3 collections that will be launched this year. Shoes are just the beginning – stay tuned for more new, exciting announcements with new partnerships with celebs, artists and athletes.


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