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Review: Cyrina Fiallo Makes “Made: The Movie”

All she’s ever wanted…

Made: The Movie

Tuba (Cyrina Fiallo) is nicknamed for the very thing that makes her unpopular in high school: being a tuba-playing bang geek. While her popular brother, Marshall (Brett Dier), lives it up as the captain of the basketball team, Tuba is left wanting more from her high school experience. Namely, a place on the cheerleading squad.

So when one member is off the team due to injury, Tuba has her chance to earn the spot. But with everyone against her–including her band friends who think she’s crazy for even WANTING to try–Tuba must prove to herself, and everyone else, that she has the spirit to never give up.

Made The Movie Poster

With a good amount of humour throughout–Cyrina is a gem of a comedic actress–and an unexpected twist in the end, Made: The Movie is an overall fun flick about breaking labels and finding out who you really are.

Also starring Stacey Farber (18 to Life, Degrassi), Ashley Leggat (Life With Derek) and Rachel Skarsten (Virginia’s Run).


Check out the trailer for Made: The Movie:

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