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Majority Rules – Season 1 Out On DVD

Meet the new mayor of Mayfield. Her name is Becky. She’s 15.

Majority Rules

Anything is possible in Becky Richards’ world. Tracy Spiridakos stars as the youngest mayor her town has ever seen, in this teen comedy about the possibilities you can encounter when taking charge of your own life.

Becky is accidentally entered into the mayor’s race by her friends Margo (Jenny Raven) and Kiki (Sasha Clements), but before long, Becky realizes she really could make a difference in the lives of the town’s citizens and decides to run seriously. Once elected, she will have to balance school, family, friends, potential boyfriends AND politics. But who said high school was easy anyway?

Majority Rules, Season One, is now available on DVD, featuring all 26 episodes. Binge it before another season comes around!

Also starring Wesley Morgan and Dalmar Abuzeid of Degrassi.

Majority Rules

Here’s the run down:

Humour: Uh-huh. If you like Lizzie McGuire, you’ll love this style of show, along with thehilarious animated elements/

Romance: There is definitely something in the air. Could it be love? Check it out to see for yourself!

Empowering: Of course! The whole show is based on the fact that a girl can do anything–even run the whole town.

Majority Rules! season one is now available on DVD. Check it out!

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