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Over the last year and a half most of us have been spending more time at home than ever before. Depending on the size or setup of your house or apartment, for many that has meant a lot more time in our bedrooms. Often a bedroom serves purposes beyond mere sleep and rest, doubling at times as a home office, entertainment centre or even a bedroom workout space, heck even a video studio for countless millions of social media personalities.

Even without the extra duties being served by your bedroom, we inevitably spend large chunks of our life in our erstwhile sleeping quarters. If you’re getting the recommended dose of sleep for an optimally healthy lifestyle, 7-8 hours, that’s already one-third of your life. And then add on extra time for everything else you do in your bedroom, from prepping for or winding down from your day to all the other things we’ve already mentioned (and several more!)

So let’s give our bedroom the treatment it deserves and make your time spent in it, and sharing or showing it off to others, just a little more amazing!

Here are five ways to take your bedroom to the next level.


One key place to start is your bedroom’s walls, as they take up the biggest amount of real estate, physically and visually. The colours and patterns you choose will set the tone for the entire room, more than any piece of furniture or lighting. Generally you’ll want to go with paint on your walls, and then pick one wall to showcase a different colour, wallpaper or for even more wow-factor, a full mural.

Modern wide format printing is bringing full wall murals’ quality, availability, variety and price to a place that everybody should take a good look at to see if something may be right for your room. The possibilities are endless and some of the wall murals we see are absolutely incredible. PHOTOWALL (https://www.photowall.nl/), a Dutch online retailer has a particularly beautiful and varied collection of high quality murals that will provide endless inspiration for your walls.

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It is a “bed”-room, so the centerpiece will always be the bed. There are many options for your bed and bedframe – from futons to sleigh beds to four-post beds with canopies. Some will be determined by the size of your room, as you do not want your room to appear crowded.

Choose a theme, and try to be consistent with your design, whether modern, baroque or funky. Pick your nightstands, drawers, shelves to fit with the theme you have chosen.

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Lighting really can take any interior space into the realm of the sublime. Decide what works best, whether it is floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps or ceiling lamps. These days, thanks to LED lighting, we are finally free from the limitations of incandescent or florescent bulbs and new LED strips or panels can complement the classic fixtures.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the wonders of smart lighting as well. You now have full control over colour or brightness and can even program your lights to flicker or change hues randomly if you can’t decide. Paired with smart speakers you can control everything by voice. The future is here.

your bedroom amazing LED lighting


While your bed is the centerpiece of your room, a well-chosen piece of art, be it an abstract painting on a wall, or a statue on a dresser or in the corner can really be the showstopper. You can even decide what you’d really like in your room and make it a DIY project. We all know you can learn to do anything you put your mind to, thanks to YouTube.

your bedroom wall art


There are two schools of thought here. First, that a bedroom should be an oasis dedicated to sleep and relaxation, free of zen-disturbing screens, whether big or small. More practically however, many of us use those same screens to relaxation, whether to listen to music, watch our favourite TV shows, or stay connected to our family and friends.

Treat yourself to a decent sound system, toss on some relaxing spa music when you need to chill. Consider an essential oil infuser for even more of the spa experience. f you opt for a TV, try to mount it on a wall so it looks clean and classy and doesn’t take up any table top space it doesn’t have to. We also recommend a smart speaker in your bedroom, whether Google or Alexa. Being able to turn music, lights and devices on and off, setting alarms, asking about tomorrow’s weather, all without leaving your bed is a true joy and an affordable modern luxury.

bedroom smart speaker

So start designing your dream bedroom today, whether it’s yours or you share it. You spend more time there than anywhere else, so make it a place you absolutely love to retreat to at the end of a long day.

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