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How To Make Your Room The Best Study Space

Tidy Desk - Study Space

Do you have a study place? If your answer is ‘No,’ you might want to consider creating your own study space. Similarly, if you continuously find yourself studying in distracting and noisy environment, you may need to think of refurbishing your current study spot.

Where you study determines how well you understand and remember your coursework. For college students, in particular, a study place is as important as what they strive to pursue. Without this designated space, you can easily get distracted, feel less motivated, resulting in poor performance.

Unfortunately, this is a vital component that many students disregard. Sometimes this is usually because creating a study space seems like a considerable investment. Surprisingly, you don’t have to be rich to make your spot. You can create one in your room (small or big) if you read and use these few tips when creating your study space.

So, how do you make your room your best study place? Here are four ways

1) Eliminate All Distractions

The first step to creating a great study space is removing all distractions. You want a quiet place, clear of any distractions. Excluding items such as your phone, television, or game from view can help reduce the distractions.

If your room has a TV, music player, or PlayStation, ensure you turn them off during your studying session. Alternatively, you can angle them away from your desk when studying, except if you can focus well even around background noise.

The main idea of a study place is to maximize your attention to serious studying. Also, it is to cut down the effort needed to help you do so. However, you can only do this if your room is free of distractions.

2) Keep it Tidy and Well Organized.

Tidy Desk - Study Space

Maintaining a tidy and adequately organized study desk helps promote your focus. Clutter and messy sights distract your mind, reduce your motivation, and increasing anxiety. Therefore, before you sit down to study, clean, and organize your desk and get rid of papers, books, and unnecessary accessories.

What’s more, be sure to have all the necessary items before you start your study. This will ensure you don’t break your concentration, moving around trying to find something. You can start by holding all your pens and pencils together neatly, stacking your study cards correctly, and filling your papers in folders.

If you are more of a ‘Post-It,’ have a poster board in your room and stick all notes there. Lastly, it would be best if you also considered arranging your documents in digital files. After all, who wants to misplace a vital chart or document during exam finals.

3) Have Proper Lighting

Investing some effort and time to create an ideal study place could prove the difference in your semester. As such, ensure you have a proper study set up in your room. It is easy to understand that some courses like medicine and engineering may be hectic-and each minute counts.

Nonetheless, it is not a valid excuse not to have time to make your study space. To spare some extra time to revamp your study spot, you can always outsource some of your assignments to professional online assignment help services. This way, you can be sure to get the best assignment help, all while finding time to improve your study space.

desk lamp - study space lighting

Your study place should be adequately lit. With lighting, natural light is the best studying light. Position your desk where you can get natural light, such as near your window. However, since not all rooms have ample natural light, you can use appropriate lighting options like lamps.

Besides helping you study, tasteful lighting also adds ambience and style to your room. Get out some desk or floor lamps and kill your otherwise harsh, interrogating room lights. In addition to the lamps, turn on the overhead lights.

4) Comfortable – but not too comfy

A study place should be an enjoyable setup that invites and motivates you to sit and study. After all, who wants a dull reading space? Since you also want to enjoy your new study spot, make it comfy, but not too comfy.

Change out of your sleeping gown, and get ready before cracking your notes and books open. This will spark your mind to switch from relax mode to concentration mode. Similarly, your study posture should be comfortable enough to maintain concentration. Lying or sitting awkwardly while balancing your books or laptop around your lap will kill your focus.

For a more comfortable experience, you need to have a comfortable chair while ensuring proper back support. This will give you a good posture as you study, subsequently improving your concentration.


That’s it! By now, you have an idea of how you can make your room an ideal study spot. Understandably, budget and space limitations may limit you from creating your dream study space with tasteful art, a leather chair, and a beautiful aquarium.

However, with these few tips, you can transform even the dullest room into a captivating study setting. By making an organized, tidy, distraction-free, and comfy study space, you are investing in your invaluable knowledge growth.

Enjoy your space!

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