The Many Faces Of Video Gaming

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Video games have kept people entertained for decades, and every year, more and more people are joining this ever-growing community, using consoles, computers, mobile phones and other gadgets allowing for gaming activities. Playing games can be a hobby, a profession, a way to decompress after a hard day at work or a way to socialize with others. Every person gets something different in return for playing the game they like, and this is the reason why many decide to embark on this digital entertainment journey.

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Gaming is a timeless activity that can offer countless hours of fun. Some like playing online puzzle games, some like playing live casino games like baccarat and others like more traditional games, such as Super Mario, Street Fighter or Grand Theft Auto. Every game has something different to offer, and in a way, each game resembles the many faces of gaming. There are players who enjoy games that require a lot of analytical thinking, players who like button mashing and players who want to join gaming communities and to participate in massively multiplayer online adventures.

League of Legends – A community the size of Japan

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LoL is actively being played by over one hundred million people every single month. Even though League of Legends is not the most breath-taking game in terms of graphics, it manages to excite people of all ages. On top of that, it is one of the most popular games in professional e-gaming. Elite LoL players are almost as popular as professional athletes, making a lot of money from sponsorships and from participating in international tournaments.

Destiny 2 – The online shooter for solo and MMORPG Fans


Bungie is constantly finding ways to keep the Destiny 2 community active and engaged. The popular shooter has kept players busy for 17 seasons, and if things go according to Bungie’s plans, then D2 will probably go on for a few more years and for a lot more seasons. The studio does not seem to find any reason that could justify developing Destiny 3, as D2 gives MMO shooter fans everything they want. On the other hand, if Bungie were to release D3, then thousands of players would probably pre-order their copy as soon as the game appeared in the gaming libraries of the many gaming environments able to run Destiny software.

Final Fantasy 14 – Old yet timeless


The Final Fantasy franchise has generated billions for Square Enix, and it will keep doing that for as long as the studio keeps releasing new FF titles and retro remasters. Most Final Fantasy games can be purchased with a one-time fee, but Final Fantasy 14 keeps bringing in fresh money every single month. The second MMO Final Fantasy of the series gives FF fans the ability to share the experience of playing their favourite game with millions of other players from all over the world. With multiple jobs, hundreds of skills and countless missions, Final Fantasy 14 gives RPG fans the ability to live their online adventure on their own terms. Some fight their enemies with spears; others defend their groups as tanks, many prefer fighting from a distance using bows and spells, and specific groups enjoy the job of healing their companions when they are hurt.

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