Marcos Hernandez Gives It His Best Shot

Marco Hernandez

Any average 12-year-old boy would rather be outside playing football with his friends than staying inside and singing. That wasn’t the case for up-and-comer Marcos Hernandez, now 24.

“We were a very football-driven family, and that’s what we all did growing up. My parents were like, ‘We think you should do that,’ and I said, ‘Well, I wanna make music so I’m gonna go join choir.’”

Marcos got his first taste of fame as a member of the Dallas-based boy band Sons of Harmony, who stayed together for two years. In 2002, after going back to school, Marcos decided to try music again. “I really didn’t wanna be ten years from now saying, ‘I shoulda, coulda, woulda.’ I wanted to give music my best chance and see if it would work.” And his hard work and late nights in the studio paid off with his debut solo album, C About Me.

Marcos’ advice to teens who also want to make it on their own? “Never accept ‘no’ from somebody who doesn’t have the authority to say ‘yes’. Never give up.”

Written by Faze contributor Melissa Fargas

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