Marta Pacek Takes Over The Dakota Tavern

Marta Pacek

When you think of a tavern, Dakota will likely fit that image. From the barn doors on the wall to the water barrel seats, The Dakota is a old-tyme tavern in the twenty first century. And Marta Pacek fits in perfectly. Hitting the stage performing songs from her upcoming album Rebel Baby–which will be released in April–she really makes you feel at home in this dim-lit atmosphere.

Marta does touring and promoting for her albums in a whole new way. Who needs another t-shirt that will just fade and shrink as the years pass by? Marta uses a different method; she sells jewelry, scents and wooden iPhone covers to promote her music. “Because we’re touring a lot next year, I want it to be portable in the van. I don’t want to be taking 200 t-shirts on the road with me. Jewelry is much more compact,” says Marta.

Marta Pacek

Everyone looks to their parents, sisters, brothers or other role models in their life for advice at some point. Well, for aspiring singers and songwriters, Marta offers a great piece of wisdom for honing your craft. “Just write, just write. Whatever you do just keep writing from the heart don’t worry about the audience. Write.”

After releasing a new album and doing a tour, some artists tend to fade from the spotlight for a while. But fans need not worry–Marta Pacek is not fading anytime soon.  “It’s too late, I just bought a tour bus. I can’t quit.”

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