Brits Take Over Toronto’s Massey Hall: Ed Sheeran in Concert with Snow Patrol

Going to an artist’s concert knowing only two songs is an interesting, yet enjoyable experience.

Ed Sheeran Snow Patrol

On April 18, Toronto’s Massey Hall saw a full house for Snow Patrol’s second concert in the city, as part of the Irish band’s North American tour.

What I knew of Snow Patrol beforehand was that their songs were good enough for film commercials and for dramatic TV moments—Charlie St. Cloud and Grey’s Anatomy ring a bell?

I take my seat in the historic theatre, a bit intimidated and unsure of what to expect, but by the end of the concert I, like everyone else in attendance, forget that the seat even exists. We are all on our feet, with our hands in the air and mouths wide open singing the lyrics we know so well—or in my case, pretend to know.

British sensation Ed Sheeran opens for the alternative rock band and it’s clear that he has many fans in the crowd. As soon as the red-head walks onto the stage, he asks “How are you Toronto?” Screams fill the venue in response.

Equipped with a guitar and a microphone, Ed opens the show and captures the audience with his serenading voice singing “Give Me Love,” “A Team” and “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.”

“He’s so talented. Not only can he sing, but he also plays the guitar and writes his own songs,” says 16-year-old Alexandra Chandler, who is among the enthusiastic fans.

“If there’s more singing and less screaming, I think the world would be a better place,” he tells the loud crowd with a laugh.

Snow Patrol’s six band members then take over the stage and are welcomed by a loud applause. The crowd gets to its feet as they begin their 13 song set. Performing tracks from their albums across the years (2006 to 2011), the band holds the same enthusiasm for each song they play and we love them all.

Ed Sheeran Snow Patrol  in concert massey hall

Fans who thought they had seen the last of Ed Sheeran are treated when rhythm guitarist Gary calls him back on stage to sing “New York” together.

“Seeing the band in concert is a totally different and exciting experience than listening to their CD or hearing their song in a commercial,” says 19-year-old Kristen Frachusetti. “I’m not an avid concert goer, but after this I think that might change.”

In addition to the concert, Ed Sheeran came out for a Meet and Greet and autograph signing after his surprise duet with Snow Patrol. When asked during the signing how he felt about the concert, Ed replies, ““I loved it, and I love Canada. Can’t wait to be back here in September.”

Faze got an exclusive interview with the rising British star, so look for it an upcoming issue, like HERE!

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