Matt Web: Branching Off As A Solo Artist

When he’s not on the road with his main act (a cool Canadian band you may know as Marianas Trench), Vancouver-based musician Matt Webb likes to keep busy. He released his debut solo album back in 2011 and he’s back with fresh material that he’s excited to share with the world.

His sophomore solo album, Right Direction, came out earlier this year and he says it’s a lot more polished than his first. “I had a much clearer idea of how I wanted to sound on this EP. I wanted to make a really stripped-down sounding record that’s very guitar-based and taking it back to the roots,” he says. “I wanted to make it organic and raw, and something that is cohesive that people can enjoy from start to finish.”


Branching off from the usual Marianas Trench sound, Matt shines a light on a different side of his musical talent. The album is full of softer melodies and acoustic jams, featuring tracks such as “Heartbreakers” and “123.”

He’s appreciative of the fans who continue to support his new music. “It’s really cool because I’m doing something totally different from anything Marianas Trench-related,” says Matt. “They’ve jumped on board, and I love our fans so much.”

What pushes him to keep making music for his fans is the fact that he is living his dream. “I get to do music for a living. Not too many people can say that they do what they love for a job and get to do it every day,” he says. “With Marianas Trench, I get to hang out with my best friends all the time and it’s a dream job. It’s inspiring. I want to work really, really hard at it so I can do it forever.”

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