How Meal Kit Brands Have Impacted The Growth Of Online Food Delivery In Canada

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Food delivery has been around for ages, and for good reason. The pure convenience of being able to order a meal to your workplace or home has been incorporated in many Canadian family weekly routines for generations, but now more than ever we are seeing a steep incline in traffic within this industry. A huge part of this is due to the rolling restrictions and closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that shook the world back in 2020.

Almost two years of on and off lockdowns forced consumers to stay within their homes, only leaving to visit grocery stores which ultimately became a hotspot for the virus to transmit amongst communities. With establishments forced to remain closed, or restaurants only able to service a small capacity, even more consumers have pivoted to online food delivery.

One main driver that has grown in popularity is meal kit delivery brands. If you are looking to learn more about meal kits available in Canada, be sure to check reviews for a deeper look into the various meal kit delivery service brands that are currently available throughout the country.

For those who are unfamiliar with the meal kit delivery service industry, brands working in this market offer consumers a new way to prepare meals at home. Most, if not all, meal kit delivery service brands give consumers an easy to use online ordering platform, where users can browse rotating menus and select the meals they would like to recreate in their own kitchen. Once meals are selected and the number of servings is chosen, users of these brands can look forward to having all the ingredients they need to recreate their selected meals shipped directly to their doorstep. The ingredients come preportioned, and are accompanied by a step by step instructions card to breakdown how to prep and cook the meal.

Some of the larger brands within this industry, like HelloFresh and Chef’s Plate, make ordering even easier for their users by breaking down their weekly meal offerings into categories. These categories are often defined by common dietary restrictions and lifestyles. Examples of some of these categories include Vegetarian for those looking to eliminate or limit their meat intake, Family Friendly for families with picky eaters, Calorie Smart offering meals with 650 calories or less per serving, and many more.

meal kits food

Some meal kit brands have branched out even further to offer their users more convenience and time saved by offering ready to eat meals. Rather than the traditional meal kit model where consumers still need to do some cooking when their ingredients arrive, there are brands that are now offering pre-made meals that simply need to be heated up and are ready to serve.

Two popular brands that are doing this are Cook It and We Cook. Both Cook It and We Cook promise consumers that they offer fresh, local ingredients, making their ready to eat options healthier than your average takeout meal. Ready to eat meals have been key in the recent months where consumers have had to spend time getting back into their regular routines post pandemic, and need an even faster option for meals, or perhaps don’t enjoy cooking and are looking for a quick but healthy alternative to takeout.

Within the meal kit delivery industry, you can even find niche organizations that cater to one kind of cuisine, similar to your favourite restaurant. Porta, the Italian meal kit company, does an excellent job of this. Porta focuses solely on Italian cuisine, making it an easy choice for those who were missing their beloved Italian restaurants during the pandemic closures. This company continues to be a popular meal kit brand today, as their meals are authentic and the organization was created with the same culinary team as some of the hottest Italian restaurants in Toronto.

With the number of new brands emerging and existing brands increasing their offerings in the meal kit industry, there truly is something for everyone. These rising meal kit brands, and overall convenience and variety each offers, make it clear that we can expect meal kits to continue to boost the growth of online food delivery in Canada.

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