Meet Rising Star Hailey Reese: A Fun Pop And R&B Anti-Bullying Advocate

Growing up, Hailey Reese knew that music was exactly the dream she wanted to pursue. “Honestly, for me there has never been any sort of backup plan,” Hailey shares. “Music has always been it! Writing to express myself, singing and performing have just always been the biggest part of who I am. I have also always been very fortunate to have a family that loves music just as much as I do. They have always encouraged me to pursue it.”

Since the tender age of two, Hailey has been sharing her talent with the world. “My mom would take me to local karaoke spots, and I would put down my bottle to pick up a mic,” Hailey explains. At the age of four, Hailey had her own show every Saturday at a local restaurant and, by age nine, she was writing her own music and recording it in a studio. In 2013, her song “Hustler” was released on YouTube and garnered lots of attention. “I think that was really a defining career moment for me,” declares Hailey. Now, at the age of 20, Hailey has big things planned for 2016 as she’ll be releasing an EP and going on tour.


Hailey’s music is a fun and funky mix of pop and r & b with some deeply personal connections to her fans. “I write my own music, and I put a lot of emphasis on my lyrics and telling my story through my music. Even if the lyrics just make you feel confident and good about yourself, I’m happy. I just want you to feel something!” Hailey says. “I have a really great connection with my fans. They know that I am always authentic and real with them. Authenticity is a big thing for me as an artist, I want my fans to know that, no matter what it is I sing or do, I believe in it 110 percent.”

However, despite all of Hailey’s success, she still struggled as a victim of bullying. “At first it was really hard to deal with–especially on social media. I found that’s where people were the cruelest,” explains Hailey. By surrounding herself with people who supported her, Hailey was able to rise above the haters. “Something that really helped me was learning to separate criticism that was meant to help me better myself from the pure hate of others,” Hailey says.

Hailey has some advice for fans who face the same struggle, “Something I’ve learned was that no matter how hard you try to change or make yourself ‘better’ so that people will like you, there will always be someone with something negative to say. You truly can’t please everyone. It is so important that you talk to people about what you’re going through and find the confidence in yourself to not care what people say. For me it’s a daily decision to focus on the good, focus on the positive and believe in myself. The number one thing I can say, though, is to please not let negative, hateful people change your heart.”IMG_3626-11

Hailey is active on various social media platforms and uses them to connect with her fans in a more personal way than ever. “I take the time to respond to as many fans as I can, and build relationships with them individually. I know that I wouldn’t be anywhere without them, and I am so thankful to have a place to tell them just how much they mean to me!” Social media has been such a positive influence in Hailey’s relationship with her fans all over the world. “It’s a really incredible thing that I can communicate with fans from all across the world like that,” Hailey says.

Hailey’s unique music has allowed her to empower others by using themes that exemplify Faze’s motto: Love. Share. Grow. “I feel like as an artist when you love what you do, and you share it with others, it really helps you and your fans grow. I share my experiences through my music. I share my mistakes, my success and all that is me. I share the good, the bad and the ugly with them, and they really reciprocate that with me. Be it through social media or when they meet me in person, they know that they can tell me anything.” It’s obvious that Hailey truly loves her fans, and everything she does is done wholeheartedly.


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