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Megan Nicole Stars In Her First Film “Summer Forever”

Megan Nicole’s incredible musical talent and adorable personality that shines through on her YouTube channel is continually leading her to success. Megan released her debut album Escape late last year and had an overwhelming response. This summer, Megan is taking over a whole new element of the entertainment industry as her hit song “Summer Forever” is being transformed into a film.forever-megan-megan-nicole-nicole-Favim_com-890042

The movie is a musical based on three girls who are preparing for their last week together before they separate and go to college. They create a summer bucket list to do together but while living life to the fullest the girls hit some obstacles.

The film stars Megan Nicole, Alyson Stoner and Anna Grace Barlow as the three leads. Megan shared a little bit about Alyson’s character and what we can look forward to in the film. “What I loved so much about having her cast as Liv is that Liv is a dancer. And Alyson, as everyone knows, is an amazing dancer,” Megan says. “I’m super excited for people to see the scenes of her doing her thing.” Not only do we have new music from Megan Nicole to look forward to, but dancing from Alyson Stoner as well!


Although Megan Nicole is a pro in the music scene, Summer Forever is her first feature in a film. Luckily she found ways to relate to her character to make things a little easier for her. “I feel like I’m like my character in many ways, one of them being that she has a huge passion for music and she loves her friends, she loves her family and she’s always encouraging everyone around her to pursue her dreams,” Megan shares.

Starring in a movie takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but that doesn’t mean it is all work and no play on set! Megan tells Faze; “The atmosphere on set was so fun. It kind of felt like one big summer camp, so when everything was all over it was sad.” However Megan will always have the cherished memories of being on set. “Some days the director would start by blasting Backstreet Boys music. It was like one big Backstreet Boys sing-along,” Megan says. What an awesome way for the crew to warm up!

Summer Forever will be coming out in August 2015. It is sure to be a fun, heartwarming, relatable film for people of all ages. We can’t wait to hear the catchy new songs from Megan Nicole!

Check out Megan Nicole’s “Summer Forever” and we promise you’ll be adding this tune to your summer playlist.


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