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5 Must-Have Men’s Accessories for Formal Occasions

Figuring out how to accessorize your suit without going overboard can be difficult. While there are plenty of watches, rings and cufflinks available, it can be hard figuring out what styles to use for what outfits and how to avoid overdoing it. By following a few tips, you can quickly learn how to spice up your formal looks with a few accessories here and there.

men's accessories - formal wear

Classic Watches

There are plenty of classic watches for men that provide a great look on your wrist no matter the occasion. While the many features of some flashy watches may seem exciting at first, a simple and elegant look created by wearing a solid-color watch strap is best to go alongside most formal wear. Avoid watches that provide a multitude of unnecessary complications. Aim specifically for dress watches with a leather band that are made to fit in comfortably beneath your suit jacket and long-sleeved button-up shirt.

Tie Clips

Tie clips provide a fun way to accessorize your dressy outfit while also providing the helpful function of keeping your tie out of harm’s way. Many tie clips come in classic colors such as gold and silver with simple designs, making it easy to find a look that’s complimentary to your outfit. Select a tie clip that doesn’t clash against whatever pattern may be present on your tie. Be aware of what colors you select and whether they may clash against the looks of any of your other accessories.


When it comes to rings, less is more. Avoid putting rings on too many fingers and instead focus on wearing whichever rings may be most important to you, such as those that you received in recognition of an accomplishment or ones that are indicative of commitment.


Cufflinks provide an extra bit of flash to your sleeve while also keeping your cuffs secure. Look for cufflinks with simple, classic designs and avoid ones with novelty patterns unless the environment dictates it.

men's accessories - cufflinks

Pocket Square

An often-forgotten accessory is the pocket square. Select a pocket square that has a noticeable color that compliments your suit. Pocket squares are an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart by selecting an interesting color and pattern while maintaining an overall appearance of formality. You can do various types of folds to give the look a boost.

There are plenty of accessories available that make a formal outfit stand out. By incorporating the tips above, you can give your dressy outfits plenty of personality while still maintaining a sharp look for any formal event.

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