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Mockumentary Magic: Leap 4 Your Life

This isn’t your average dance competition.

This hilarious mockumentary follows four teenage dancers from the Sashay Dance Troupe who are on their way to compete at the 10th Annual Leap 4 Your Life competition. With the pressure on from their instructor and studio owner, Maureen, the troupe must bring their all to win the grand prize for salivating Maureen.

The troupe consists of Brooke, a dancer and aspiring country singer whose mom is more interested in hooking up with men instead of her daughter’s career; Hilary, the most dedicated dancer of the four whose attitude gets in the way of her friendships; Matt, whose father does not believe he is actually straight; and Molly, the underdog of the group whose enthusiasm and heart is better than her ability to dance.

TIFF Next Wave Leap 4 Your Life

Triple threat Taylor Hill not only stars as Molly, but also wrote and produced Leap 4 Your Life. This film shows both sides of dancing, from on stage to behind the scenes, where we witness the pressures from the instructors as well as the dancers’ own parents.

Here’s the run down:

Comedy: Laughter is a main element throughout this mockumentary, with over-the-top characters and abundant use of satire and sarcasm.

Dance: With a plot surrounding an upcoming dance competition, it is only obvious that there is plenty of dancing from the troupe throughout the film.

Rivalry: Obsessed with winning the grand prize, Maureen finds herself butting heads with her high school peer Laine, the owner of rival Sparkle Dance Company.

LEAP 4 YOUR LIFE is at select theatres and film festivals now. Check it out!

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