Modern Interior Design Trends That Will Stick Around

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We all want our homes to look trendy but no one wants to have to update their design every year. The problem is that many modern design trends are over almost as soon as they start. Keeping up with trends can seem impossible without spending a lot of money and putting in a lot of work.

The good news is that there are interior design trends that are both modern and likely to stick around for years to come. With chic, timeless furniture and décor from Bouclair, you can make your home look timeless.

Here are some modern interior design trends that will stick around.


Let’s start with a trend that will actually save you money. While minimalism may not be for you, there are aspects of it that everyone should embrace. Decluttering is one of them. It can be tough to discard items that you have an emotional attachment to, but it can really elevate your aesthetic to take a less-is-more approach. Minimalism may not be trendy forever, but clutter will always bring your home’s aesthetic down.

Nature Is Always Trendy

Having natural elements in your home is not a new design trend. It is something many people strive towards, considering how it tends to look both classic and modern. For this reason, any modern design trends that find new ways to utilize nature are worth hopping onto.

For example, bamboo accents have become increasingly popular in furniture and décor. Biophilic design – which involves bringing the outside in – creates a home environment that feels organic while looking fresh and new.

Another modern trend is to use items that have natural shapes. Instead of the straight lines that provide pure functionality, curved and organic shapes make your interior design look far more interesting. Ottomans that are not perfectly round create great accents. Imperfect hourglass-shaped side tables catch the eye.

Nature never goes out of style, so you don’t have to worry about these elements looking tacky any time soon.

Design Trends

Multipurpose Spaces

The pandemic turned many homes into home-office hybrids. For people who did not have a spare room, this meant creating multipurpose spaces. While you might think that this is a trend that places function over form, it can actually be an incredible aesthetic.

The best interior design evokes feelings within people. A chic lounge can make people feel happily comfortable, but when it evolves into a music room, it provides a sense of inspiration as well. Multipurpose spaces are more exciting than dedicated rooms. The feelings evoked will never get old.

Black Accents

Black has become a color that implies modernity and expensiveness. But this won’t always be the case. Many people are already over stark black and white design.

However, black itself will never get old. This is why black accents are a surefire bet to make your home look both chic and timeless. Black accents should be both striking and subtle. Do not overdo it if you want the look to survive the test of time.

Design Trends Black Dining Room

The above interior design trends are both modern and classic. They are also affordable and can be achieved by just about anyone.

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