Most Beautiful Stadiums In The World

Football has proved to be more than a sport, and in that line of thought, it has influenced the construction of splendid stadiums that make football ever glorious. Below is a list of stadiums that have taken football fanatics by storm. As you take a break from your real online money pokies gaming, make sure you check them out.

The Float at Marina Bay


This stadium is located in Singapore and it is well known for its worthiness. All in all, it has a capacity that ranges from 27,000 to 30,000. It is known as the world’s largest gloating football stadium. What strikes many is that the stadium is located in an affluent nation, which hmakes it clear that people can do anything for football.

It is a multi stadium that can be used for various purposes like exhibitions, concerts, and other relative competitions. What does it have that makes it spectacular? Well, it has state-of-the-art drainage systems, a spectacular cabling system, and a high technology lighting system.

Stadion Gospin Dolac


Located in Croatia (Imotski), it was once nominated as one of the most beautiful stadiums in the World in 2017 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. You can find “Dolac” at a small southern town that is at the Croatian-Bosnia and Herzegovina border. It is a home ground for NK Imotski, which is part and parcel of the Croatian third tier. It is well known for its inclusive Croatian edge that leaves many blazed.

Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium


Located in Switzerland, Ottmar Hitzfeld is the highest stadium in the world. It stands at a whopping 2000 meters above sea level. It is a privilege for FC Gspon, who play their amateur new casino websites games there. The stadium is a great ski slope hub for tourists who wish to spend some time in the remote town of Gspon.

Just to feed you with a brain teaser, a total of 1,000 soccer balls have gone off the cliff and they have never been retrieved.

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