The Most Common Problems With Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Washing machines quite often require serious repairs. It happens if the norms and operating conditions are not observed, as well as if the installation procedure was incorrectly carried out. In this article, we will look at the most common causes of washing machine breakdowns.

Start Button Failure

If your machine has been actively used for a long time, then there is nothing unusual in the breakdown of the power button. Likely causes:

  • contact wear: in this case, the button will work every other time;
  • hit on the contacts of the button of water or chemistry;
  • oxidation of contacts in conditions of high humidity.

You can change the button yourself, but for this, you need to stock up on a multimeter, a soldering iron, and, most importantly, a new button, which is usually not easy to find; also note that in some models the button is hidden very deep. Therefore, it is better to call appliance repair expert Ottawa for whom such repairs are a routine operation.

Display Failure

The display of the washing machine is designed to control this indispensable household appliance. It is connected to the electronic control board – the brain of the washing machine.

On the display, the owner of the machine selects:

  • main and additional washing program;
  • temperature;
  • number of spin turns;
  • other additional parameters that allow you to choose the best washing option.

Another function of the displays of washing machines is the notifications of errors in the operation of the unit. The machine tells what is wrong with it, highlighting the error code on the display. A broken washing machine display is a fairly serious problem that only a qualified and experienced repairman from https://fixappliances.ca/mississauga-appliance-repair/ can fix.

Engine Problems

The following causes that occur when the washing machine does not start are listed from most likely to least likely:

  • Problems with the line fuse. If the line fuse blows, the washing machine will not start. To determine if the mains fuse is bad, you need to test it for continuity. If the fuse is broken, it must be replaced.
  • The thermal fuse has failed. If the washing machine overheats, the thermal fuse will trip.
  • Problems with the main control board. This part is rarely the cause of a breakdown. Before replacing the main control board, the increasingly frequently broken parts should be checked first.
  • Faulty door lock. If the machine door is not latched, the door switch will prevent machine operation. If the door lock is faulty, the machine will not wash or run. The door lock may not work mechanically or electrically. If the door lock is damaged or does not latch, it must be replaced.

Washing Machines

The Drum Stopped Spinning

The device may show various signs of failure. They signal various malfunctions:

  • Motor noise, relay clicks. The machine draws and drains the water, but the drum is not spinning. This happens when the drive belt breaks. It transmits torque from the motor to the drum.
  • The drum can be freely shaken by hand, it is loose. Hence, the bearings are worn out. A few cycles before the drum stops spinning completely, the machine will make loud noises, and spin poorly.
  • Motor noise is not heard, and the display shows a tachometer error. This element reduces the speed at which the motor rotates the drum.
  • The washing machine may stop spinning the drum if the motor breaks down. It can be damaged, or the brushes that transmit torque are worn.

Power Button Is Not Working

The problems can be of two types:

  • Includes rotary switches and buttons. You can fix it yourself if the equipment is not under warranty. The start button may be stuck or dirty.
  • Make sure the display is clean by wiping it with wet wipes. Restart the machine – the button may not work due to a one-time glitch in the system.

Removing the control panel yourself can damage the wiring and cables. Call a specialist for repairs.

Washing Machine Makes Strange Noises

This happens in several cases:

  • There is no collection of water. The water supply valve and pressure switch work normally.
  • A common cause is a turned-off tap/water supply.
  • Worn bearings and shock absorbers. The device erases and wrings out with an increased level of noise and vibrations. The drum may make noise when struck against the inside of the cabinet. You need to interrupt the wash cycle and contact the repair service.

LG Laundry Washer Dryer

If you believe that your washing machine is broken, then it is better to call a qualified technician. In the process of diagnosis, a specialist will determine for sure what happened to your machine.

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