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A Look At Some Of The Most Popular Sports In Canada

In Canada, about a third of the population is actively interested in sports, from cheering on their favourite teams in the National Hockey League. More than 1.3 million Canadians take an active part in hockey recreational games, boosting the success of this deeply-rooted sport in Canada even further.

Watching sports is a popular pastime, but participation levels are also high and an important form of recreation in this northern country, from golf, skiing, tennis to name just a few. Canadians cheer on their fellow competitors in countless sporting events locally and around the world, as the country gets to compare itself with other countries worldwide. Here are some of the most popular Canadian sports:


curling canadian sports

Outside of Canada, curling may be perceived with bewilderment by sports fans. But in Canada, curling is celebrated.

The sport, occasionally called ice chess, first emerged in Scotland in the Middle Ages. It’s heavily concentrated in the prairie provinces, with many popular in Manitoba and Alberta.

The sport is coordinated by Curling Canada, which holds annual national curling championships.

Tournaments such as the Canadian Curling Club Championships raise public awareness of the sport. And the website for online sports betting VulkanBet gives you the opportunity to earn and cheer for your favorite athletes.


cfl football

Canadian football is a type of gridiron soccer played by two teams of twelve players each. Originating in rugby in the early 1860s, soccer eventually evolved into Canadian soccer. The best professional league in the sport in the country is the Canadian Football League (CFL), while Football Canada regulates amateur games.

Interestingly, the CFL championship game is one of Canada’s biggest sporting events, attracting large numbers of spectators. According to a 2014 report, approximately 33% of the Canadian population watches the Grey Cup.

This sport is enjoyed at a semi-professional stage in the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL). But it is also played at the high school, junior and college levels.


lacrosse sports in canada

Back in the 17th century, lacrosse was a game Canadians thoroughly enjoyed playing. Lacrosse is a fast-growing sport that has grown since it was recognized as a summer Olympic game. It is considered Canada’s summer sport and attracts thousands of fans.

Although the sport is enjoyed by few outside of Canada, lacrosse has established itself as a popular sport in the North American country.

Canada is also considered a major contender on the world lacrosse scene. In 2006, a fierce and determined Canada ended a 28-year lacrosse tournament drought by winning the World Lacrosse Championship, defeating the United States.


nhl team montreal canadiens

Canada’s climate makes ice hockey one of its most popular sports. There are seven Canadian teams in the National Hockey League (NHL):

  • Winnipeg
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Edmonton
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Vancouver

That is why the NHL is watched by most Canadians. The NHL is the richest and most popular league in hockey that has assembled the best hockey players. The 2018 NHL playoffs were watched by about 68% of the Canadian population. This fact further establishes hockey as the most popular sport in Canada. A site that offers in play betting, Vulkanbet gives you the opportunity to bet on all sports.

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