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The Most Profitable Niches For Freelancers In 2021

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Due to the rapid development of computer technology and the current situation in the world with the pandemic, remote employment will be more relevant and in demand than ever.  

In 2020 many employers were convinced that such a format of work organization is so comfortable and convenient. Remote work has a number of positive features:

  • no need to spend time traveling to the workplace and home;
  • no dress code – you can work even when lying under the blanket;
  • there is no time constraint – you can perform tasks not only during the day, but also at night;
  • remuneration stays the same; and
  • increases productivity.

Digital technology is an area in which this format of work is considered the most common. The most common freelance professions are shown in the table below.

Job Title


Programmer Develops websites, mobile applications and deals with information security.
System Administrator Make sure all of the company’s hardware is running smoothly.
Software tester Detects problems in the work of the programs, prepares reports on the work done.
Web Designer Designs the online platform, creating the most user-friendly interfaces
Motion and 3D Designer Creation of original animations, which can become excellent advertisement for any brand and increase its recognition.
Internet Marketing Specialist Specialists are engaged in the promotion of the company online.
SMM Specialist The freelancer builds the brand’s image on social networks.
Brand Management Thinks through the concept of the brand to launch it on the market.
SEO Specialist Promotes resources in search engines through website optimization.
Copywriter Writing texts for publications on the Internet.
It is worth looking more closely at these professions, which will be especially in demand in 2021 and will not lose their relevance for several years, if even decades.


Some companies are ready to hire a person even without a higher or at least special education, because everyone knows that a good specialist may well be self-taught. Here it is possible to distinguish several directions, which are in demand on the world market.

Website development  

Today almost every company has an official website, regardless of its scale or area of employment. Every business is moving to the Internet, because more and more people watch advertising on the Internet and not on TV or find it in the newspapers.

A website developer with a good portfolio is able to create a really user-friendly website for users and owners of the company themselves. Professional specialists are always worth their weight in gold and their services will be very well paid.

Programmers can deal with the creation of a variety of sites, including platforms for playing online slots real money. It is very important for gaming platforms that the site is completely error free, the content is loaded quickly and the interface is convenient and understandable.

Development of mobile applications

Creating mobile applications running on Android and iOS – this is an incredibly popular niche, which becomes more and more popular every year. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone, from children to retirees.

Popular applications include:

  • web bankings with a high level of protection;
  • educational programs for preschoolers;
  • messengers;
  • programs to monitor the state of health and others.

Information security

This niche completes the top of remote professions for freelance work in 2021. Information security is especially important in today’s world of computer technology, because the level of cybercrime has increased significantly over the past few years. Today, users of the Internet global network need people who can protect their accounts from identity theft and sites from hacks, which can lead to significant losses of not only information, but also profits.

System Administrator

People who work in companies as system administrators manage the entire IT niche. Specialists oversee a number of important things:

  • control that software and hardware work properly, without the occurrence of unpleasant failures;
  • ensure that the network is protected from cyber-attacks;
  • make sure that the company employees do not have to deal with all kinds of problems while using corporate computers.

The system administrator can work independently (if the scale of business allows it) or together with programmers. In this case, he has a small staff to run his errands.

The infrastructure can be monitored and upgraded on a remote basis. That is why many professional system administrators prefer to work remotely. 

Software Tester

A tester is a profession that does not require any special education. For training, usually the owners of the company organize courses for future employees, and often offer advanced training for already working specialists. This training is usually completely free of charge. Software tester is definitely a profession that requires attention and can be safely put in the TOP.

The responsibilities of specialists in this field include:

  • examine the product created by the programmer for errors;
  • select tools for development;
  • provide recommendations to programmers to improve program code or the project as a whole.

The main advantage of this profession is that it is quite easy to master. In general, the tester must try the program as a user, but also carefully notice all the errors. Tester’s salary is sometimes even higher than that of the programmers themselves, who worked on the creation of the product.

Many different tasks can be assigned to a tester. But more often he has to do manual and automatic testing. There is still little competition in this niche, because a separate area has appeared relatively recently. 

Web Design

freelancers - web design

This profession was in the top back in 2019 and today it is still no less in demand. The responsibilities of a web designer include the design of an online platform, creating not just beautiful, but user-friendly interfaces.

UX-design is the most in-demand and highly paid direction. User Experience – this is everything that is related to the interaction between the user and the personal computer. Specialists actively work to make usability as good as possible and ensure that the user has the maximum comfort in using the product. A designer should not only be creative and realize his ambitions, but also analyze the market, thus selecting the most successful options of design, guided by trends.

The designer studies user behavior and draws a portrait of the target audience. To do this, he needs to perform a series of actions:

  • analyze what pages users go to and where they stay the longest;
  • select solutions the implementation of which could improve the user experience of the service;
  • introduction of new methods and tracking their effectiveness;
  • evaluation of the result.

The web designer understands that if the service is uncomfortable to use, the controls have to be searched for too long, and the buying process is not fully understood, sales and profitability of the business will decrease significantly. Although the work is difficult, it pays well.

Motion Design and 3D

People who create 2D and 3D animations will be quite in demand in 2021. The cost of the work may vary and depend on many factors – the region where the company is located, the portfolio of the animator, the complexity of tasks.

According to expert forecasts, the profession will be relevant for many years to come, so after mastering it and constantly improving your skills you can get a high income on a permanent basis. Even today there are a large number of brands with animated advertising, such as Adidas and Reebok. Bright animations that attract the attention of users can greatly increase the demand for goods and entice new customers.

Today, motion design is often used on web platforms as an interface element. Properly created and high quality animations will soon become a common phenomenon, because they can be a memorable highlight of any site. 

Professionals who create good animations often don’t work in one program, but combine several at once. For example, Adobe Photoshop and Cinema 4D. The designer chooses the most convenient tool independently.

Internet Marketing

Specialists engaged in Internet marketing, promote the company online. To do this, they use a variety of tools. These include:

  • targeted and contextual advertising;
  • integration with bloggers or people known on social networks;
  • content promotion;
  • special projects.

A professional, qualified Internet marketer is able to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, increase sales and as a result the profitability of the business will grow.

Internet marketer in 2021 is one of the top remote professions, because almost every business has its own official website. In some niches the competition among companies is so high that there is no way to avoid quality promotion. Quality internet marketing not only attracts users, but also keeps them.

A marketer is able to create a strategy to promote a project, manage an advertising project and even hire other specialists.


In this profession, which is most often available exactly in a remote format, there is the widest range of salaries. First of all, the size of the payment depends on the experience and professionalism of the specialist, as well as whether he works independently or is an employee of the studio.

The responsibilities of the SMM specialist include such tasks:

  • creating a content plan;
  • writing high-quality posts, articles, advertising texts, product descriptions;
  • setting up and tracking targeted advertising;
  • managing the budget that has been allocated for advertising and the proper allocation of funds;
  • analysis of the results and summarizing. 

SMM specialists create the image of the brand and make its website or social network profile look attractive and represent only the best features of the company. Really high quality professional specialists are able to stand up to the competition in the market.  

freelancers - coding programming

Brand Management

This professional is engaged in the creation of an original, unlike anything else brand that will be recognizable in the marketplace, even in a very competitive niche. The brand manager thinks through a brand concept and goes to market with it. A skilled professional approaches the task comprehensively, because the goal is to perform a number of complex functions:

  • study in detail the competitive companies;
  • identify the target audience and highlight its characteristics;
  • follow trends and satisfy the client 100%;
  • actively monitor the reputation of the brand;
  • study online reviews, provide answers and work on mistakes;
  • create unique offers;
  • select successful selling propositions.

In the case of brand management, business owners prefer to work with specialists who already have experience and a fairly large portfolio. The relevance of this remote work will increase every year, because there are many brands and each must be unique to attract the attention of customers. 

SEO Specialist

freelancers - seo specialist

It is possible to promote an online platform in search results not only with the help of contextual advertising, but also using the optimization of the site. This is what SEO-specialists do. The main purpose of the employee’s activity is to increase traffic and improve the position of the company’s website in search results. To do this, a number of tasks need to be performed:

  • create a semantic structure of the pages and the website itself;
  • analyze the market and online platforms of competitors;
  • carry out external and internal optimization of the site.

SEO specialists improve site loading speed, eliminate possible errors, increase link mass, and work on usability.

Thanks to the work of a highly qualified specialist, you can greatly improve the popularity of the site and increase the profitability of the business, regardless of its activity. 


Many people call this specialty one of the most accessible and easy to learn. But is it really so? The copywriter is a person who is able to present any information as clearly as possible for the users of the network and in one text to describe all the important characteristics of the product or service. Correctly written text can significantly increase the number of sold positions, making the company more demanded in the market.

A good specialist must be able to quickly, and most importantly thoroughly learn new material, master different styles of writing and be excellent at grammar and stylistics. Copywriters who have a thorough knowledge of more than one language are especially popular on the market. 

In their work copywriters necessarily use a variety of online services that help to quickly and accurately determine the main parameters such as:

  • spam;
  • water;
  • key phrase inclusion;;
  • uniqueness;
  • clarity and others.

Copywriters don’t just write quality text, they create articles to help optimize the site.

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