10 Most Surprising Mouthed Toys Your Baby Can’t Resist

mouthed toys teething baby

Welcoming a new baby brings joy, love, and, let’s face it, a fair share of challenges. One such challenge is teething, a milestone that can be as tough on parents as it is on babies. But fear not because the right-mouthed (teething) toys can make this phase much smoother for everyone involved. This guide will explore ten popular teething toys that provide comfort, relief, and fun for your little one.

Understanding Teething

Before we discuss our top picks for teething toys, it’s essential to understand what teething is and why the right toys matter. Teething is the process by which a baby’s first teeth (the deciduous teeth, often known as “baby teeth”) sequentially emerge through the gums. This process can cause discomfort, irritation, and even sleepless nights for babies (and, therefore, their parents.

Why Choose Teething Toys?

Mouthed toys are designed for babies to chew safely. They offer several benefits:

  • Pain Relief: Chewing on these toys can help alleviate the pressure from underneath the gums.
  • Sensory Exploration: Teething toys come in various textures and colours, stimulating babies’ senses.
  • Motor Development: Grasping and holding these toys can enhance fine motor skills.

Top 10 Mouthed Toys for Babies

Silicone Teether Rings

mouthed toys teething baby

Imagine your little one is fussy, drooling, and uncomfortable. It’s a sign that teething has begun. Enter the hero of our story: the silicone teether ring. These rings aren’t just colourful and fun; they’re a soothing balm for your baby’s tender gums.

Wooden Teething Toys

There’s something special about wooden teething toys. They bring a bit of nature’s calm right into your baby’s hands. Crafted from smooth, natural wood, these toys are a safe and sturdy option for your little one to gnaw on. Their firm texture offers the right amount of pressure to ease teething discomfort. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, making them a choice you can feel good about. Easy to clean and beautifully simple, wooden teething toys are a classic favourite for parents and babies alike.

Plush Teething Toys

Imagine a teething toy that’s a cuddle buddy, too. Plush teething toys are soft, snuggly, and perfect for soothing. These toys combine the comfort of a beloved stuffed animal with the practicality of a chewable teething surface. They’re designed to be gum-friendly and are often made with various textures to massage sore gums gently. The toy makes teething more bearable for your little one, offering emotional comfort and physical relief.

Frozen Teething Toys

There’s nothing like the soothing chill of a frozen teething toy on a hot, bothersome teething day. These toys offer a delightful, cool sensation that can calm inflamed gums and bring smiles back to tiny faces. Easy to freeze, they’re a go-to for quick relief. The cold helps numb the discomfort, making your baby more comfortable. They come in fun shapes and colours, doubling as a playful distraction. Frozen teething toys are a win-win for babies and their parents, blending relief with fun.

Water-Filled Teethers


Water-filled teethers are like a gentle hug for sore gums. Chill them in the fridge, and they become the perfect soothing tool. The cool water inside these squishy teethers can ease your baby’s discomfort, making teething less difficult. They’re soft and safe and offer just the right amount of squish and coolness to provide a comforting, gum-cooling experience.

Textured Silicone Teethers

Textured silicone teethers are the maestros of soothing teething discomfort. With their various bumps and ridges, they gently massage your baby’s tender gums, turning frowns into smiles. Soft, chewy, and perfectly sized for little hands, these teethers invite your baby to explore different sensations, offering comfort and fun. They’re like a gentle wave of relief, making them a favourite in the teething toolkit.

Finger Puppet Teethers

Finger puppet teethers bring the magic of storytelling to teething relief. Slip one onto your finger, and it transforms into an entertaining character that soothes and amuses your little one. These playful companions provide the perfect gum massage and foster precious bonding moments. They’re soft, safe, and irresistibly fun, blending laughter with comfort during those tough teething days.

Natural Rubber Teethers

Natural rubber teethers are the gentle touch of nature every teething baby craves. Made from 100% natural rubber, they offer a soft, flexible chew that’s easy on delicate gums. Their squishy feel and soothing texture provide instant relief, making them a comforting companion through teething troubles. Eco-friendly and baby-friendly, they’re a wholesome choice for soothing sore little smiles.

Teething Bibs


Teething bibs are the clever duo of drool catcher and teether in one. As your baby navigates the drooly teething phase, these bibs keep them dry while offering a built-in silicone teether for instant gum relief. They’re practical, adorable, and always near your little one—a must-have for keeping outfits dry and babies happy through the teething journey.

Teething Necklaces (for parents)

Teething necklaces for parents are where practicality meets style. Worn by parents but designed for babies, these necklaces provide an always-available teether for on-the-go relief. Made from baby-safe materials, they’re a fashionable accessory for you and a source of comfort for your baby. It’s a hands-free way to soothe your little one’s gums while keeping your style on point.

Choosing the Right Teether

When selecting a teether, consider the following:

  • Material Safety: Look for non-toxic, BPA-free materials.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Ensure the teether is easy to clean, preferably dishwasher safe.
  • Size and Shape: It should be easy for your baby to hold and chew.

Safety First: How Montessori Preschool Protects Babies

Learning Montessori Preschool shows us how to keep babies safe while they discover the world, especially with teething toys. They only choose safe, age-appropriate toys free from harmful chemicals and risks of choking.

Toys are regularly checked and cleaned to prevent germs and ensure they’re in top shape. The teachers watch the kids closely to ensure all play is safe and fun. They also share their wisdom with parents, teaching them about toy safety and cleanliness.

Their approach is simple: a safe environment means happy, exploring babies. This preschool’s commitment to safety is an excellent lesson for all of us, showing that kids can play, learn, and grow safely with the proper care.

Final Thoughts

Teething is challenging, but with the right tools, it can also be a period of growth and exploration for your baby. Each mouthed toy we’ve discussed offers unique benefits, so you should try a few to see which ones your baby prefers. Remember, the most important thing is your baby’s safety and comfort. Happy teething!

By equipping yourself with this guide to the best-mouthed toys for teething babies, you’ll be prepared to help your little one navigate the teething phase with more ease and a lot more.

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