Exploring The Most Talked-About Canadian Beauty And Skincare Brands

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Canada’s beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has seen incredible growth over the past few years. From hair care to body care, brands across the country have crafted their own unique formulas designed to help their customers maximize their self-care practices.

When it comes to the top beauty brands in Canada, they each have their custom characteristics and specialized niches, but they all have one thing in common — they’re meant to maximize their luxurious qualities and provide a supreme level of care.

Let’s explore the most talked-about Canadian beauty and skincare brands.

Body Clinic Skincare

Based in Mississauga, Beauty Clinic Skincare is known across the Greater Toronto Area for its medical-grade skincare and unique approach to its lifestyle beauty products. Their motto centres around the fact that each client’s skin is precious and deserves the highest level of care.

Their team of dedicated skincare specialists provides a wide range of services, including microneedling and facials, to help their clients rejuvenate their skin. Their list of products is extensive to help each customer find the products that will provide hydration and healing to their skin.

Among their collection is the SkinCeuticals collection, which is noted as one of the leading beauty brands in North America. They make it easy to find where to buy SkinCeuticals in Canada by providing a variety of products on their website — from age defence serums to gentle cleansers.

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Cheekbone Beauty

As one of the leading makeup brands in Canada, Cheekbone Beauty is an Indigenous-owned beauty brand that celebrates diversity and sustainability. They were established in 2016 and quickly grew in popularity and brand partnerships, having now linked a deal with Sephora to stock their collection of lipsticks and glosses.

Cheekbone Beauty’s commitment to quality lip products is backed by their commitment to sustainability and philanthropy — they’ve donated thousands of dollars to various non-profit organizations across Canada.

Their beauty products are designed to celebrate colour and expression in the form of makeup — from bold red lipsticks to subtle pink glosses.


Ottawa’s Bushbalm is known for its 100 percent natural body care products. The oils used in their products are designed for the bikini area — made with jojoba oil and other essential oils which help prevent ingrown hairs and can target dark spots and relieve the body from razor rash.

Bushbalm is designed for any areas on the body that require and deserve a little extra care. The company was founded, in part, by a honeymoon couple who discovered the benefits of applying beard oil to the skin — and years of research later, Bushbalm got its name.

While each of these companies varies in the products and services they offer, they remain committed to the same goal — to provide their customers with a superior level of self-care using ingredients that are both sustainable and beneficial to the body. That’s why they remain at the top of the industry and are likely to continue building their customer base for years to come.

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