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Movie Review: BRAVE, Girl-power For The Next Gen

Change your fate.

brave merida

With a personality even more fiery red than her hair, Merida decides to take her fate into her own hands in Brave, the new animated fantasy adventure film from Disney.

In the Scottish kingdom, her father reigns as King and her mother as Queen over all the land–and her daughter’s fiesty spirit. Queen Elinor insists on giving her daughter princess lessons, for when she will eventually have to rule. Merida tolerates the lessons, but as a skilled archer, she wants nothing more than to spend her days exploring the wild lands around her.

But then ancient tradition requires her to get married to one of the sons of the nearby clan leaders and Merida’s world turns to chaos. She consults a witch she meets in the woods about a spell to “change her fate,” which instead brings a curse on her family. Can Merida undo the spell in time or is it too late to back?

Disney brave merida

Here’s the run down:

Action: This movie is packed! Archery and bear fights and magic–Merida is a total risk-taker and she’ll stop at nothing to reach her goal.

Comedy: From her clumsy dad Fergus, to her mischievious triplet baby brothers, to the clan leaders fighting over each other to prove their worth, you will definitely be laughing through this whole thing.

Girl Power: Merida is the perfect heroine–fierce, independent and brave. So who needs a man or marriage? But she’s also a little selfish. You’ll be cheering her–and her amazing accent–on as she fights to restore order back to her family.

BRAVE is out! Check it out!

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