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Movie Review: ‘Before I Fall’

What If Today Was The Only Day Of The Rest Of Your Life?

Before I Fall - Zoey Deutch

Based on the bestseller by Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall is brought to life in a major motion picture directed by independent filmmaker Ry Russo-Young. 17-year-old Samantha Kingston seems to have it all; status as a high school senior, a charming boyfriend and three gorgeous best friends. Nonetheless, her seemingly perfect life is suddenly brought to an end. For an entire week, Samantha finds herself in a strange phenomenon. Forced to relive the day of her death over and over, Samantha must come to terms with the person she was and who she must finally become.

Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver

Here’s the official Before I Fall trailer

With a talented cast, Director Ry Russo-Young (Nobody Walks, You Won’t Miss Me) crafts an unforgettable and immersive story. Although the film may appear to be another “chick flick”, its underlying themes make a thought-provoking experience for an audience from all walks of life. The experience is filled with both sentimental and suspenseful moments that are accompanied by a compelling soundtrack. Before I Fall is here to remind us of what matters in our lives – friends, family and time. But most importantly, it is never too late to change who we are.

Before I Fall - Zoey Deutch

Here’s The Rundown:

Emotion: Before I Fall is the ideal mix between drama, emotion and suspense. As a well-crafted film, director Ry Russo-Young will have viewers on the edge of their seats as they are taken on an emotional roller-coaster. Both heartbreak and laughter can be experienced in the film’s 99 minutes.

Soundtrack: From upbeat to mellow tunes, alternative and indie tracks provides an experience for the ears. Grimes, Big Data, Empress Of and Kurt Vile are only some of the artists that will leave the audience mesmerized.

Casting: From the pages of Lauren Oliver’s novel, Zoey Deutch brings the character of Samantha Kingston to life with her talented performance. From Vampire Academy to Dirty Grandpa, Deutch takes another step as a rising star in a more emotional role. Furthermore, supporting actress Halston Sage perfectly fits her part as Lindsay. Meanwhile, the casting of Logan Miller also brings the character of Kent to life.

Characters: From mean girls to social outcasts, Before I Fall features a range of personalities. One word to describe the characters? Relatable. Lead actress Zoey Deutch sums it up best, “one of the most beautiful elements of this story is that people identify with all of the characters, and in a lot of ways I identify with all of them, not just one.”

Relationships: Samantha is brought on a journey that involves the people she loves and those who are influenced by her actions. The film digs deeper beyond romantic relationships. But rather, it touches upon which relationships are the ones that truly matter the most in our lives.

Before I Fall - Zoey Deutch

Faze sat down and had a chat with lead actress Zoey Deutch and director Ry Russo-Young, check it out below:

The Talented and Lovely Zoey Deutch!

Chatting With Director Ry Russo-Young

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