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Movie Review: Fast Girls

One Dream, One Team, One Chance.

Fast Girls

With all the odds against her, Shania Andrews—played by British actress Lenora Crichlow—knows how to do one thing: run. A talented, underprivileged sprinter from the bad side of town, Shania is ecstatic when she earns a spot on Great Britain’s National Women’s relay team, set to compete in the upcoming World Championships.

This is her time to shine and she knows it, but between a troubled home life and a stuck-up teammate (Lily James), Shania suddenly needs to worry about a whole lot more than just her speed.

Fast Girls Lily James

Directed by Regal Hall, Fast Girls is a story of determination and defeat—set to a soundtrack of some of the coolest British hip hop I’ve heard in a while.

Now acting as a team, the girls need to overcome their differences on and off the track in order to make their dream of taking home the gold a reality. But it won’t be easy. Shania doesn’t really fit in with the professional athlete crowd; she’s been running in the same trainers for years, dreaming of the day she’ll wear a shinny new jumpsuit.

Fast Girls Lily James

On a dusty abandoned track in the middle of the city, Shania works with her coach to improve her time for the qualifiers. He promises to help her get to the Worlds, but when she achieves this goal, his job is done. Shania is forced to go up against her teammates and the ever-pretentious team owner, who happens to be the father of teammate Lisa (Lilly James), all by herself.

She may have found a friend in Carl (Bradley James), the team’s boy-band looking physiotherapist. He’s smart and charming, but the fact that all four girls have crushes on him doesn’t help the team dynamic. He is just another platform for the girls to compete on, but they must remember: there is never an “I” in team.

Fast Girls

Here’s the run down:

Drama: Training, sponsorships, injuries, rivalries and the big race day—they all add up to a heavy dose of nerve-racking and sometimes relatable setbacks. With four young girls desperate for the spotlight, so this could be a recipe for disaster.

Friendship: Four solo sprinters, with a wide range of diverse personalities and backgrounds, are forced to unite on the track as a team if they have any hope in bringing home the gold. Can they find some common ground?

Action: After seeing this film you’re going to want to get up off the couch and go for a jog—because these girls are fit! The training and sprinting scenes are short but frequent throughout the film, and the athleticism among the girls is authentic.  The girls’ speed, muscles and sweat will make you wonder if you’re watching a movie or a real Olympic-style track meet.

FAST GIRLS is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Check it out!

Fast Girls Lily James

Fast Girls

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