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Movie Review: Finding Kind

Finding Kind

Founder and producer of the Kind Campaign Lauren Parsekian shines as she and co-producer Molly Stroud launch their anti-bullying campaign nationwide. They travel all across the U.S., interviewing thousands of girls to promote their worthy cause–a movement to discover and promote kindness among young women everywhere.

To this day, Lauren remembers her own terrible experiences being bullied in middle school, which is what led her to try and prevent it from happening to other girls.

Her documentary Finding Kind is a motivational story about the journey across America that features females from all over who have been the victim of bullying and harassment.Finding Kind

The film brings to light inspirational stories from the lives of the girls they meet along the campaign, some of which shook me and brought me to tears. As they continue to meet new girls and gather perspectives from girls of ages and backgrounds, my eyes were opened to the severity of the issue. It seemed to affect females young and old, making me realize how universal it is and what compelled these women to fight against it.

Lauren and Holly continue to embark on this journey, documenting the revealing and incredible, giving passion and kindness to the girls they meet along the way with a force that is small but powerful. The story of two pure hearts and the many touching stories will have viewers go through shock, tears and inspiration.

Finding Kind

Here’s the run down:

Film style: documentary

What to love: the tear-worthy beginnings of an inspiring movement

Where to watch: check out more info by visiting the Sprockets Festival

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