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Movie Review: Furry Vengeance


Be sure to pick up your copy of Furry Vengeance, starring comic-classic Brendan Fraser (The Mummy), cutie Matt Prokop (High School Musical 3) and Brooke Shields (Lipstick Jungle).

Having just relocated his family from Chicago for his job developing suburbs in the middle of the woods, Dan (Brendan Fraser) is playing on someone else’s turf. The company he works for, Lyman, is in the process of tearing down the forest to make way for cookie-cutter, “nature-living”, suburban homes; though they claim to be “eco-friendly”, they are really only green in the sense of loving money.


But this time, nature is fighting back.

Lead by a mischievous raccoon, who has a history of kicking out unwanted guests from his forest, the woodland animals will stop at nothing to get Dan to abandon his mission for the new development. Hilariousness ensues.

This fun flick is great for kicking on the TV while summer babysitting or just for a good laugh on a movie night in–complete with a hilarious gag reel! ENJOY!


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