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Movie Review: New Moon PLUS An Interview With Bronson Pelletier


Team Jacob fans everywhere are cheering (and some sobbing) for their #1 guy, Taylor Lautner, as he and his wolf-pack take over the Twilight screen in the newly released New Moon.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, let’s recap: the first movie, Twilight, told us the story of vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) and ordinary-girl Bella (Kristen Stewart), falling in love and trying to fit into each other’s world. It left us with a seemingly-solid romance between hero-of-the-day Edward and damsel-in-distress Bella, who now wants to be a vampire as well, so she can spend eternity with her creature of the night boyfriend. However, Victoria, mate of the now-deceased psycho-vamp James, is waiting in the wings, plotting her revenge for the death of her love at the hands of Edward and his family.

new moon jacob and bella

Although you can pretty much guarantee everyone in the audience has already read the books and knows how the story plays out, the theatre is still quiet with anticipation during most of New Moon, eager to see how it will appear on screen. And they are not disappointed.

At the onset of the movie, Bella and Edward seem to have this fairly normal boyfriend-girlfriend routine going on: walking to class together, sitting as close together as possible whenever possible and stolen kisses, hidden from the parentals. But from the painful parting of Edward, to the flickering spark arising between her and her best friend Jacob, to the all-out super-natural fight scenes between malicious vampires and thrill-seeking (and surprisingly realistic-looking) werewolves,  the anything-but-normal drama of this film will keep audiences glued to their seats, eyes feasting on all the action.

Edward head butts Bella in New Moon or Kiss

And who doesn’t love a love-triangle? Whether you find yourself on Team Edward or Team Jacob, you will most likely be pleased to see that both characters spend a good amount of time shirtless. LOL.

The end of the movie (sorry, no spoilers!) actually brought at least one audience member to tears, exclaiming, “I’ve waited four years for this movie!” So the hungry Twi-hards will finally be satisfied, as the next installment in the Twilight series is added to the collection…that is, until the Eclipse trailers start rolling.


Interview with wolf-man Bronson Pelletier

Faze got to chat with one of the wolf-pack (in his human form, of course),Bronson Pelletier who plays Jared, right before the film hit—check it out!

New Moon Team Jacob Bronson Pelletier

Faze: What was it like to find out that you were going to be in New Moon?
Bronson Pelletier: I got a call from my agent at like 8:00 at night, and he’s like, “hey, you got the part.” I jumped up and down; I ran intothis gas station and had to tell this random lady…So the first lady that ever found out that I got the part was a Shell attendant.

FZ: Was the character, Jared, anything like yourself?
BP: Every character that I’ve ever portrayed before, I try to bring a little of myself to that character. I’ve brought a lighter side to Jared, more of a playful side; a jokester.

FZ: Even though it’s not in the movie, the Jared in New Moon the book imprints on Kim—do you think something like that, love at first sight, can ever happen instantly?
BP: I don’t know about instantly. You have to get to know somebody, I think. A lot of people put on this exterior, defensive mode and you don’t get to actually know somebody [right away]…I’m a little more grounded than that.

FZ: Which is cooler: vampires or werewolves?
BP: Wolf pack all the way!

FZ: Are you excited to see yourself as a wolf in the movie?
BP: Yeah! We did a cyber-scan and it’s pretty much a Xerox of our whole entire bodies and our faces and everything—it’s actually our eyes on the wolves.

FZ: If you were to have any super-power, what would you choose?
BP: Harry Potter, I would be Harry Potter. I would wave that wand like a mad-man. “Patronus!”

FZ: What do you think is the secret to success?
BP: You have to be down to earth, be as real as possible, make sure your head doesn’t inflate and just believe in yourself.

new moon jacob


Faze took some exclusive photos of New Moon stars Taylor Lautner and Rachelle Lefevre in action on the red carpet at the MMVAs this past summer.

Taylor Lautner Photos 1 2 3 4 5 6

Rachelle Lefevre Photos 1 2 3 4 5

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