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New Series Review: Wendy

“Never say never.”

Wendy Meaghan Martin

From Alloy Entertainment, the production co mpany that brought you Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, comes a web series about a classic tale of boy meets girl.

Starring Meaghan Martin (Camp Rock, Mean Girls 2) as Wendy and Tyler Blackburn (Pretty Little Liars) as Pete, Wendy is the reimagining of the story of Peter Pan.

“[Wendy] is a teenage girl about to finish high school. She’s kind of caught between reality and her dream world,” says Meaghan. “She has a wonderful boyfriend, a great supportive best friend. But then she has a dream about Pete and she mixes up reality and her dream world, falling in love with Pete.”

And her Peter Pan is less tights and little green cap and more rocker/mystery boy in this version. “He’s a little bit more mysterious and a little darker,” says Tyler. “Basically his role is to come into Wendy’s life and show her there is more out there–he sort of guides her to figure out what she wants.”


Both Meaghan and Tyler were big fans of the Peter Pan story when they were younger, reading the original book (by J.M. Barrie), seeing all the movies and even taking a trip on the Disney Land Peter Pan-themed ride.
So, would Meaghan ever be the girl to fall for the mysterious guy like her character Wendy? “I feel like I usually play it safe, especially with guys. I don’t know if the dangerous mystery would necessarily work out for me, but I could be wrong.”

And what would be Tyler’s magical power of choice in real life? “I would fly. I think that sounds really fun. Or just teleport–be like, “I wanna be there right now” and then I’m there.”

The web series, sponsored by Macy’s, has six episodes currently online, but it’s been getting a lot of great hype, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the cast is signed on for another season.


Here’s the run down:

Music: Yep! Tyler Blackburn recorded a single for the series called “Save Me.” Um…AMAZING!

Romance: Check! Wendy must decide between her all-American boyfriend or the guy from her dreams.

Mystery: Of course! Wendy has to figure out if the guy from her dreams is, in fact, real. Also, look out for a glimpse of Hook in the abandoned house, where Wendy goes searching for Pete.

The Wendy web series has 6 episodes available online.

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