Moving Your Office to a New Location in Calgary

There’s something exciting about moving to a new office. It’s usually a sign that the business is prospering. Along with hiring the right office movers for the job, there are several other things you can do to make the move easier. Follow these tips and the project will go smoothly.

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Invest in Actual Moving Boxes

You may be tempted to dumpster dive and try to find some boxes for packing. Resist the temptation. Few of them will be sturdy enough for the task you have in mind.

A better option is to check out the moving supplies offered by the office movers in Calgary. You can depend on the boxes and other containers being strong enough to protect everything that needs to be packed. There’s also the ability to buy tape, labels, and everything else you need to prepare for your move.

By getting what you need from the office movers, you save a lot of time and frustration.

Pack Things You Don’t Need Every Day Ahead of Time

There are some things that you won’t use between now and moving day. Feel free to pack them up right now. Store them in a common location that’s out of the way. As you finish using other things for the month, pack them too. Everything that you can pack at a leisurely pace in advance will make the final day or two before the move all the easier.

Arrange for IT/Telecommunication Help in Advance

You will need help from IT and telecommunication professionals to set up the network and the phone system at the new office. Someone will also have to help disconnect servers, computers, and other network-connected equipment at the old place. Hire professionals who can get most of the work done at the new place in the days before the move. They can also be on hand to connect everything once the office movers have everything at the new office.

Make Decisions About the New Office Layout

The time to plan the layout of the new office is before moving day. This makes it all the easier for the team from the moving company to unload furnishings and equipment, and place them exactly where you want. A diagram of the layout will make things easier for everyone and save a lot of time. If you’re not sure how to go about this process, many office moving companies have personnel who can help.

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Have Employees Manage Their Personal Belongings

Your employees can help by packing their personal belongings and taking them home on the final work day before the move. This allows the commercial moving company to only handle furnishings, supplies, and equipment that are owned by the business. Your employees can bring their personal items with them when they report to the new office for work.

Moving an office does require attention to detail, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the proper planning and coordination and some help from professional office movers everything will go smoothly.

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