MP3 Players: Which One Is Right For You?

We’ve tested out five new MP3 players from the key manufacturers and here are our thoughts.

RCA Lyra RD1080

RCA Lyra MP3 players

SRV: $129
RCA’s best model of its several mp3 players is one that’s both portable and affordable, and includes an FM radio. You can also expand to hold more music. Batteries only last about 8 hours though, and the radio has problems pulling in weaker signals. Worth checking out.

Creative Nomad MuVo

MP3 Creative Nomad

SRV: $129
Listening to music couldn’t be easier. This tiny player (roughly the size of a pack of gum) is so simple to use, you don’t even need a cable to copy music from your computer. There’s no display screen though, and you can’t expand the memory. If you can’t be bothered with all the options, this is perfect for you.

Sonicblue Rio S50

SonicBlue Rio MP3 players

SRV: $179
This compact player holds two hours of music, but also a built-in FM radio and rechargeable batteries. The radio is a bit fuzzy sometimes. A very slick player overall.

Bantam Interactive Explorer BA35o

Bantam Interactive

SRV: $179
This stylish player has simple controls, great rechargeable batteries that last 12 hours, and is smaller than a deck of cards. It would be even better if they had an FM radio or a voice recorder.

Philips Nike PSA Play

Philips Nike

128 Max. SRV: $199
Anything involving Nike is connected to sports. This splash-proof case fits on an armband so you can take it to the gym while working out. The armband can be awkward so try it out before buying.


Written by James Chung

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