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MuchMusic VJ Style: Rick And Jennifer Go Back to School!

Rick Campanelli and Jennifer Hollett and Dave Grohl

Former MuchMusic VJ Rick once considered a career in fashion and used to sew his own gym shirts in high school. In the ninth grade Jennifer was inspired, to not-so-positive reviews, by ‘80s pop darling Debbie Gibson, and admits to getting “back to school perms.” Together, Rick Campanelli and Jennifer Hollett host the popular MuchOnDemand. Both hosts fondly remember back to school shopping and the excitement of the first day. Here, Rick and Jennifer offer their top five ‘gotta haves’ for the upcoming school year.

Rick CampanelliRICK’S TOP FIVE

Sockettes. “Especially in summer with running shoes. I have about 12 pairs.”

Anything corduroy. “I love corduroy for fall.”

T-shirts with cool images. “Anything that catches my eye.”

Vintage baseball caps. “The ones with the mesh back. I’m going to start wearing them more.”

Black wristband. “I wear it under my watch because I don’t like the feel of the rubber against my skin. I sewed it myself.”



T-shirts. “I like ones with wacky slogans.”

Jeans. “Whatever fits well. I stay away from brand names.”

Hoodies. “If my hair’s not working, I can always pull it up. I like the look of a hood.”

New Balance sneakers. “They’re one of the only athletic brands actually made in the U.S. [instead of factories in Asia].”

Jewellery from Freckle designs. “My friend Jennifer Patterson makes great jewellery.”



MuchMusic VJs Rick Campanelli and Jennifer Hollett

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2 thoughts on “MuchMusic VJ Style: Rick And Jennifer Go Back to School!


    MuchMusic has been credited with helping to foster a vibrant Canadian music scene because of the Canadian content broadcast rules which mandated native musical acts had a secure and prominent place on the channel’s video schedule.

    1. Yep, absolutely agree with that. In its heyday, it was original, cutting-edge and had a solid impact on the culture of Canadian youth and the commercial music scene. It’s definitely a shadow of it’s former awesome self now, having fallen victim to the changing media consumption habits of its teen audience.