The Multi-talented Megan McCauley

Megan McCauley

For a girl whose friend once described her as a “gothic punk with a side-stitch of freak all wrapped up in a fashionista package,” Megan McCauley wants people to know she’s a complex character. “I am a little bit manic. I can be two completely different people,” says the 17-year-old musician, who credits her wild spirit to Janis Joplin’s raw sexuality, yet strong and independent persona. “My music is a bit of my biker side. I am a bit of a Nicole Richie.”

The Ohio native, who makes her debut on the Fantastic Four soundtrack with, “Die for You,” has been singing all her life and taught herself to play a range of instruments. But after witnessing the cellorock ensemble, Rasputina, in concert, she became obsessed with learning the strings. “I tried the violin for a little while and that didn’t work out,” she says. “I bought a used cello for $400 and taught myself how to play. As soon as it happened, I thought ‘This is my instrument.’”

Megan is also extremely adamant about preserving her outspoken nature, even posting an adult-language disclaimer on her Web site bio, rather than censor herself and the reality of being a loner at school or witnessing domestic violence at home. “It’s not hard for me to talk about it,” she says. “Everybody goes through these things in your life.”

Megan McCauley

Listen to Megan McCauley single “Fragile”

Written by Faze contributor Sydnia Yu

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