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Musicians Need To Keep Playing, And The Internet Can Help

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Nobody was unaffected by COVID-19, but some industries got hit harder than others. Musicians make their living by playing gigs and concerts, so a year of closed venues has been devastating.

The damage is not only financial. Musicians around the world have described how hard it’s been to be away not only from friends and family but their fans. In a very real sense, musicians are driven by creative forces and a spiritual understanding of being in communion with like-minded souls.

How can a musician feel inspired when they’re so cut off from the stage? This is a complex psychological and professional problem, but the internet can help.

Custom Printing

It’s impossible to have a “merch” table at the back of the venue during a pandemic, but the online equivalent is safe and easy to create. If you’re a musician, you can sell print on demand shirts or hundreds of other types of products, and you don’t need to be a graphic designer or have any experience in merchandising to get it done.

For decades, stretching back to the classic rock of the 1960s, musicians have sold products bearing their images on things like t-shirts, patches, stickers, and more. Not only has this tradition expanded, but it’s even easier to make it a reality.

Right from home, choose the products you want to sell and upload your custom design or pick one from a generator. Your fans will see your wares on your website, but the dropshipping approach means they’ll deal directly with the provider.

Musicians can practise their chops or write new songs instead of being tied down by logistical issues.

Use Social Media

Musicians have an advantage over other kinds of creators. For example, a chef might post pictures of the beautiful dishes they make, but you can’t actually eat them online. While being in the same room while musicians play live is different from listening to them alone through your speakers, you can consume the music online.

This allows musicians to connect directly with audiences by uploading their music. Now, deciding which platform to use is tough, and it depends on whether the band is looking for money or increased exposure.

Free platforms like YouTube can pay ad money, but it likely won’t be lucrative soon. Ideally, people share the music a lot, and a surge in popularity can help increase sales elsewhere.


Some online streaming platforms are better for musicians than others. Bandcamp is known as a more hospitable place for musicians than other major streaming platforms.

Tap into this passionate music market here to feel a remote connection between your audience and make some badly-needed revenue. Assess the streaming platforms out there and upload your music for the one that’s right for your band.

People everywhere struggled through 2020, and the challenges aren’t over yet. For musicians, it’s essential to know that the internet can provide meaningful ways to stay in touch with their fans and generate income from their art.

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