Mysterious (Haunted?) Places In Canada You Can Visit: Road Trips

Everyone has probably dreamed of leaving everything behind and going on a road trip by car. The answer to the question of “where to go?” is Canada. Many people don’t know that Canada has so many places to visit. Including some very creepy and mystical places. Buckle your seat belts, we’re going on a tour of mysterious, even haunted, places in Canada!

Peggys Point Lighthouse

Peggys Point Lighthouse places in canada

Built in 1868, Peggys Point Lighthouse has become a local landmark near Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Many people can ask what is so special about this ordinary building. Locals will be happy to tell you more than one story about the ghost of a woman in a blue dress standing on the edge of the cliffs.

There are two theories of the origin of this ghost. The first says that it was an immigrant from Europe whose children could not go with her. The other suggests that the ship on which she and her children were traveling to the New World was wrecked. The children died and the woman later married. One day her husband decided to distract her from her sad thoughts, and they went on a picnic to this lighthouse. Trying to cheer her up, he started dancing on the slippery rocks and finally fell into the water and crashed. After that, she finally lost her mind and decided to suicide.

Prison in Ottawa

Ottawa Carlton County Jail

Americans often joke that Canada is not a country and has no history, but this is far from it. The publisher of Lonely Planet called this place “One of the creepiest buildings in the world”. From 1862 to 1972, this building was the Carlton County Jail. Conditions in that prison were horrible: small cells, no windows, and show executions. Many prisoners died, not because of the sentence, but simply from the horrible conditions.

However, the terrible conditions were not the worst thing about this prison. According to eyewitnesses in their cells, they saw a man standing next to them with a Bible in his hands. The prisoners believed it was Patrick James Whelan, who murdered politician Thomas McGee, for which he was hanged.

And guess what – it’s now a hostel you can stay at!

Plains of Abraham, Quebec City

Plains of Abraham places in canada

It seems an ordinary place in French Canada, but it is not so simple. In 1759 a battle between the French and English empires took place here. It was one of the most important battles in Canadian history. Most telling about the intensity of the fighting, two generals commanding opposite sides died in this battle – that definitely doesn’t happen much these days.

At the end of the battle, the French army fell. And people passing through here still see the ghosts of fallen soldiers on both sides of the battle.

St. Francis Xavier University

St. Francis Xavier University

Located in the province of Nova Scotia, Francis Xavier University is popular because sometimes it is visited by the ghosts of nuns. Originally, the nuns of Notre Dame founded a college for girls in the late 19th century. After that, it had already evolved into a modern university.

Many students report that in the library some books are scattered and lying out of place. At night, footsteps can be heard in the hallways, and empty elevators ride by themselves.

According to the legend, one of the young nuns fell in love with a priest. Unfortunately, feeling guilty about it, she decided to kill herself. One evening in the hall, she jumped off the top and crashed to the marble floor.

Gibraltar Lighthouse

gibraltar lighthouse toronto

Toronto Island is home to one of the oldest buildings in the region, Gibraltar Lighthouse. It is remarkable for its special ghost.

We know from history that the first keeper of this lighthouse, John Paul Radelmuller, was German in origin. And in 1815 he was killed by soldiers of the local garrison, the reason is unknown. Since then the ghost of the first keeper has visited the lighthouse from time to time.

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Seal Island

Seal Island Nova Scotia

Numerous witnesses reported that there is a ghost on Seal Island. It is reported that the spirit of Annie Lindsey lives there. It is believed that Lindsay was a stewardess on a tanker called the S.S. Ottawa. The ship was owned by an American oil corporation now known as ESSO.

Unfortunately, the ship sank and even though Annie was able to reach the lifeboat, she died. She was buried in a local church and you can still see her gravestone. However, if you visit this place, you will notice that her tombstone is damaged and then you will realize that she was buried alive.

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