Natural Remedies For Nasty Periods

Ah, periods. Menstruation. The Blob. Whatever name you want to give it, almost every female goes through it once a month. Your period is designed to tell you that you have not conceived during the cycle and your body is shedding the egg that did not implant. Every single woman experiences her periods differently, from a different age and until she is in her later years when it all stops.

The most common theme with periods is that they can be painful. Let’s be honest here, your womb is contracting very slightly to enable the lining to shed, and period pains aren’t just in your back or tummy, but can be down your legs and high up your waist, too. We may all reach for painkillers over the counter when those period pains become unbearable, but there are so many more ways to ease the pain than artificial medication. Let’s take a look at some of your options:

Feeling bad - Periods

Good Nutrition

A proper, well-balanced diet isn’t a miracle cure, after all – food is not medicine. But a diet that is rich with Vitamin D can ease the pain with the decrease in inflammation. The sun provides us with natural Vitamin D, but you can get it from salmon and tuna as well as cheese and almonds. So, ensure your diet is balanced with these foods, and you can give your body a chance at a more tranquil month.


I know, during gym class at school you’d instead have sat out than dealt with a workout while cramping. However, did you know that the endorphins that you release during exercise and the blood pumping during the workout can both help your cramps to go away? Naturally exercising and continuing to keep it up during your period can really help!

Medical Marijuana

Usually reserved for those with endometriosis or severe and debilitating period cramps, you can get a prescription from your doctor and order marijuana online to help you during those few days where life feels that bit too difficult to manage. The painkilling properties of marijuana are evident, and with a doctor’s blessing, you can find relief.


One of the best solutions in nature is heat. A warm bath or a heating pad can make such a difference to the pain as it helps your uterus to relax and improves the blood flow to the area. Even a water bottle with hot water can do the trick, and you end up more comfortable for it.


The best approach to combating period cramps can come with an aromatherapy massage. This blend of oils can really help you to relax and feel better as well as release hormones that can help your body balance out.

Your periods don’t have to rule you every month, not when there are better ways to make your body feel more normal. Take your time to find the solution that’s right for you, though, because what works for one won’t work for everyone.

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