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7 Necessary Items For Women To Carry If Traveling Solo In Paris

Planning a solo trip to Paris is an exciting prospect for any girl looking for a memorable experience. From the cobbled streets and quaint cafes of Montmartre to the majestic beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral, there is no shortage of sights and activities to fill your days in this stunning city. The best way to explore it all is to simply walk around and take things at your own pace, stopping where you will to take that perfect photo or try some delicious local cuisine. With tranquil parks and enchanting views, Paris has something special for every adventurous female traveler.

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Items women should carry while traveling on their own in Paris:

1. Safety Whistle And Personal Alarm

Planning a solo girl’s trip to Paris can be an exciting endeavor, but it is also vital to stay safe while abroad. One of the essential travel safety items to bring on any trip is a safety whistle and personal alarm. This small device is ideal for areas where there may not be anyone around who can help in an emergency.

Furthermore, if you feel threatened or unsafe during your solo adventure in Paris, activating the alarm will likely deter potential perpetrators. Be sure to pack one of these devices before hitting the streets of the City of Lights, as it could prove invaluable during your time abroad.

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2. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Planning a girl’s solo trip to Paris is an exciting experience, and comfort should be considered. Ultimately, the right pair of shoes can make all the difference between a nightmare vacation and a dream come true.

Bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes that support your feet and legs as you explore the historic sites of Paris over many miles. Choose something fashionable to take in local culture and remain structured enough to provide practicality with long treks throughout the City of Lights. With the perfect pair of shoes, you can make your girl’s trip to Paris one that you will never forget.

3. Scarves And Shawls

A solo girl’s trip to Paris is an adventure of a lifetime – and you must prepare well for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. A scarf or shawl is one essential item you will want to pack when planning your trip.

Not only can these accessories add style and flair to your outfits, but they can also provide comfort and warmth on those chilly Paris evenings. Additionally, scarves are perfect for layering, so you can keep warm without lugging around a bulky jacket.

When packing for your dream destination, make sure not to forget the timeless classic – stylish yet practical scarves and shawls.

4. CBD Gummies

When planning a solo trip to Paris while packing all the essentials, don’t forget to include CBD gummies in your bag. These gummies have become a global hit recently and are revered for providing calming effects amidst busy days exploring the city of lights.

They provide an easy way to take your daily dose of CBD without making an extra effort or taking too much space in your suitcase. You’ll simply need to find a small container for them if you’re looking for convenience, and if you don’t want to carry it around in your bag all day, nothing can be more reassuring than having a little stash found at the bottom of your bag.

You can buy CBD Gummies at CBD.co. Taking CBD during long travels has been known to improve physical and emotional health, so why not ensure you have them in Paris?

5. Universal Power Adapter

Planning a solo girls’ trip to Paris is an exciting adventure. Make sure you pack the essential item – a universal power adapter. Your chargers in the United States may not fit into the outlets in Paris, and having a universal adapter will ensure you can recharge your phone and laptop whenever needed.

Additionally, it’s useful for travelers in other countries, such as Germany and the Republic of Ireland, whose outlets are different from those found in France.

When you purchase one, get one that includes both USB ports and AC plugs, giving you access to all devices during your travels. That way, there won’t be any worry about whether or not your device will work while overseas.

6. City Map And Phrasebook

Planning a solo girl’s trip to Paris can be an exciting and freeing experience; however, you will want to ensure you are prepared for the journey ahead. The best way to ensure success is by bringing along a city map and phrasebook.

A good city map will help you navigate the winding streets of Paris, while the phrasebook is a must-have when trying to communicate in a foreign language. Don’t forget these essential items when packing your suitcase; you should have no problem exploring the City of Lights independently.

7. Reusable Water Bottle

Touring Paris is an exciting experience, and planning a solo girl’s trip adds to the fun. Aside from mapping out spots to see and places to dine, it’s important to remember one essential item: a reusable water bottle.

With all the sightseeing that is sure to happen, nothing can ruin a day like dehydration. Keeping water handy at all times is an absolute must, and having a refillable bottle will save money on single-use plastic, along with being more environmentally conscious. Besides, Paris has many amazing sights that should never be missed due to fatigue from dehydration.

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Fun Activities For A Girl’s Solo Trip To Paris

A girl’s solo trip to Paris is an experience of a lifetime! Surrounded by the captivating history and culture of one of the world’s most romantic cities, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy.

Start by getting lost in the narrow cobblestone lanes of Montmartre, which lead you up to the iconic Sacre-Coeur basilica for splendid skyline views. Spend an afternoon at the Louvre, admiring some of Europe’s greatest masterpieces, or stroll along the Seine to explore enchanting quayside restaurants, cafes, and art galleries.

Before heading for a picnic in Parc des Buttes Chaumont, grab some delicious pastries made with croissant-like flakey dough filled with fruit or chocolate, such as chouquettes or palmiers. To immerse yourself in Parisian culture, don’t miss out on attending traditional French events like open-air summer fairs, Bastille Day celebrations, and world-renowned cabaret shows.

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